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    Default sample purchase from Agar Aura

    what does real oudh smell like..? when oudh purists claimed there is no oudh in Montale's oudh releases; i used to could that be!? are these purists being too snobbish to admit or is it for fact. i had to find out.

    There are numerous threads out there on this topic with wealth of information from likes of Igor.. reading all these inspirational reviews had me going and i decided to purchase couple of samples from Agar Aura. They are..

    Jiwa Borneo - Taha @ Agar Aura is very friendly and helpful. i got him on his sites chat and we discussed for good half hour about his offerings. I selected Jiwa Borneo purely coz i kept hearing this name borneo a lot. upon further enquiry i came to understand that Borneo is a name of a place where they source this Oudh from.

    Jiwa Borneo is unlike Indian Oudh, matter of fact, there is no comparison. there is absolutely zero barnyard effect. instead, it smells of camphor, woods, Patchouli with a subtle yet clear tinge of green accord. i see the site mention it smells of leather.. but i inter[preted this accord as a very rich mix of woods and patchouli. the camphoris/mentholated effect stays on for good couple of hours with the scent relaxing to a lovely, smooth smell of mud and woods.

    It smells remarkably close to L'artisans Patchouli Patch from the patch perspective, however, Jiwa Borneo has some more tricks up it;s sleeve.i especially like its minty green aspect...longevity is decent. wearer would get wafts thruout the day.

    Jiwa Borneo is definitely a classy one. can be worn to work, parties or simply for relaxation at home.

    My second purchase was "Purana" - now this is Indian oudh. yes, it has the barnyard effect and i dont typically like this accord in other indian oudhs i've sampled, but this, this is ethreal to say the least. it has so much character to it. opening has very smooth, well rounded, fruity, green, barnyard accord with suede like undertones. its very difficult to explain how mesmerizing this scent is. very complex and soothing. i don't think ill wear it out, but his is definitely something ill treat myself with while i'm at home. it indeed has some mystical qualities. puts me at ease.

    Taha threw in two free samples along with the above purchase and they were -

    Cambodi Oudh - this has the barnyard quality, but, is nothing like purana, whie purana would give off a green accord, Cambodi gives out a golden orange halo, with fruity/jammy vibes over very controlled barnyard accord. not as intense as Purana and that doesn't mean it doesn't have longevity, that it does.

    Bengal - wasnt too impressed with it.. site says it has accord of chocolate.. but all i cud smell initially was greasy mud in garage... it smells wonderful after 3-4 hrs or so, by then, yes, there's some chocolate like accords...but i don think this one suits my taste...need to sample couple of more time..

    i was hoping i don't fall in love with these oudhs...that's bad news for Bners like there is no turning back i guess...however, i don't think i can afford full bottles...but i definitely will keep coming back for samples which in itself will keep me busy for some time to come....but in time, i'm sure ill fall for least 1 bottle of my favorites oudh..

    and yes, i now agree, they don't smell anything like Montales Oudh releases. whats funny is, they don't smell medicinal at all!!

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    Default Re: sample purchase from Agar Aura

    I have only smelled Cambodian Oudh and I find it incredibly overpowering, but in a pleasant way.

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