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    Default D&G The One Longevity

    I bought The One last december and was very disappointed with fragrance because the longevity and silage seemed poor (I actually stopped wearing it). I felt this was an evening scent that had no potency.

    I was wrong! I tried this earlier today and was pleasantly surprised. I got 6 hours longevity from a few sprays. This may seem average, but considering , in the winter and spring months, i got roughly 30 mins, its a huge improvement.

    Maybe I judged The One incorrectly. I now believe it works better as a summer fragrance. I was going to spend money this month, but after rediscovering the one, i don't think i need to.

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    Default Re: D&G The One Longevity

    Your lucky. This is a nice scent but I may get 4 hours with The One. I dont know if its subject to batch issues. I like to wear mine on cooler days.
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    Default Re: D&G The One Longevity

    I get good longevity with this one, but don't like the smell at all. It's synthetic smelling and has an amber note that turns my stomache.
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    i really like the scent and luckily, I get great longevity on it. Usually 6+ hours easy to sometimes 10 although I really have to smell close to skin to smell it at that point

    but what doesn't work well for me is projection/sillage. minimal and weak at best

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