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    Default Just curious...?

    How long did it take you to go from building a collection to needing to purge/reconsider your collection (sell off some, or limit your purchases/backup bottles, etc.?)

    What phase are you in right now and why? Buying up hordes, holding steady, or cleaning house?

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    Default Re: Just curious...?

    Right now I'm building my collection! I started sniffing and ordering samples and decants in late May, and until this month I didn't have any bottles, just many samples and a few decants. Then... I started buying bottles, and I bought more in two weeks than I expected to buy by the end of 2011! I tell myself “Oh but I just have to get *these few bottles* to have a decent collection, then I'll slow down!” Although I know very well it's just denial...

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    Default Re: Just curious...?

    I can't bear to let most things go completely. I like to keep a little of everything for reference. But with everything coming in such huge bottles things get out of control easily. I would say 2 years between starting and thinking 'better slow down'.

    It's too much effort to purge. What I would really prefer is someone local to split or decant with. I don't have any friends interested in fragrance unfortunately. With all the problems shipping to/from Canada it is a huge hassle. Plus, aside from a small core of my collection it is mostly cheapies and designer stuff so nobody would want to anyway.

    It is probably lucky in some ways that I live in Canada, the postage is so outrageous to get things shipped here that I can never really buy much. Even strawberry net said they got the package returned to them twice so I can't even order from there!

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    Default Re: Just curious...?

    Hmm, how long...well, I started very long ago, but most of the fragrances in my wardrobe were bought within the past 7 years. And I did a bit of selling of unwanted bottles this year.

    I'm mostly in a holding pattern now-- enjoying what I already own-- but I do have my eye on a few upcoming releases to smell and maybe buy if they seem right for me, and I may sell a few more, so it's not 100% holding steady.

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    Default Re: Just curious...?

    Good question.

    I am at the stage where I carefully select what to add to my collection. Exactly one year ago I had my usual closet of approx 4 to 6 perfumes that I would use up then replenish. Since then I have added about 100 perfumes.

    I have about 10 regrets. i.e perfumes that are not seeing usage because I feel differently towards them now than I did at purchase. I would have gotten Sycomore instead of Encre Noire for example and no Creeds and maybe 1 bottle of 250ml Purple Patchouli instead of the 2 I have right now. Same goes for Tuscan Leather.
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    Default Re: Just curious...?

    I have only been in and still am, in the collecting stage: 1164 to date, large, 99.9% full bottles.

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    Default Re: Just curious...?

    Having been a lover of fragrance all my life, l only ever had 4-5 bottles on the go at any one time, until l discovered basenotes back in 2008. My collection slowly built up to around 20 bottles, but soon after becoming a member last year, that number more than doubled. l have one or two that l regret buying, & have thought about getting rid of them, but l probably won't get around to it for a while yet. l have a few that are close to being used up, so l don't feel bad about buying more, but for most of this year l've only bought an average of one bottle per month, & have been enjoying what l have. l'm now on another sampling kick though, so there may well be a few more additions soon, finances permitting! l usually buy the smallest sizes available, because l want to be able to use them up, & l know there will always be new loves to replace them!
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    Default Re: Just curious...?

    2 years, from 1 to 110. Now, I look at about 20 - 30 of them and know that I don't love them. I'm just starting to purge, but that will be a slow process as I need to really evaluate those that may go a bit more.

    I'll still buy, but it has drastically slowed down. I actually am getting a kick out of sampling, and very often find that scratches the itch fairly well. But if I come across something that I love, no LOVE, then I would probably buy it.

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    Default Re: Just curious...?

    Still stuck on samples and decants. I only own one bottle and it is a used one from eBay. I simply cannot afford to buy whole bottles. Times are tough. But, I do enjoy my samples until they run out then...I try and find a 10 ml or 20 ml decant.
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