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Thread: Denver???

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    Default Denver???

    Are there any places besides the malls here in Denver to buy/test fragrances?

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    I was at Nordstrom at Flatirons maybe 3 weeks ago. I just talked to the fragrance department lady shooting the shit quite frankly smelling around and she filled 4 1ml samples for me. Actually how I picked out my Christmas parfum because I was able to try it out enough to pick the Jour d"Hermes Absolu!!! Others hate it, smells awesome on me. I also checked out the men's department as well but they didn't have the vials they had in the women's section. Also kind of a sad selection and I know you are looking for some niche samples. Like you said to me before....we could piss off people at Neimen's in Cherry Creek... Nordstrom has great costumer service. Even I know more about their products but they dish out samples like crazy!!! My Mom doesn't buy stuff online like I do, she has a thing for only buying from a specific employee at Este Lauder. I think there is another in Golden area forget which mall that is... I70 west towards mountains on the left... lol?? Maybe the selection for men's would be better but don't know. Goodluck!
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