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    Default Chinese Perfume Tree/Plant (Aglaia Odorata)

    SculptureOfSoul (I think) mentioned that he recognized an essence of this plant in Bond No. 9 Harrod's Swarovski Limited Edition, a terrific and unique perfume. I'm curious if anyone cares to mention any experiences with this species. On the web I see absolutes of the leaves, seeds, and flowers for pretty steep sums.

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    Default Re: Chinese Perfume Tree/Plant (Aglaia Odorata)

    Mock Lime 米仔蘭

    It's a very common plant actually, i bet it would quite easily be found at a Chinatown in case you're interested in
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    Default Re: Chinese Perfume Tree/Plant (Aglaia Odorata)

    I have been growing this plant in my garden in Miami for several years. I tincture the tiny, tiny blossoms. I also buy the concrete and absolute and the scent is the soliflore of my perfume Light. If you visit my blog, you can search for a number of aglaia articles. I got mine as a tiny 6" plant from and now it is a huge 15' tree that requires pruning to keep in bounds. It's a trouble-free plant - no pests, diseases, water requirements. I adore it.
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    Default Re: Chinese Perfume Tree/Plant (Aglaia Odorata)

    I may have a look here for that. I wonder if it would thrive in England. It looks like it may have to be a greenhouse plant except you say that it gets so big. Do you think it may trim well?
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    Default Re: Chinese Perfume Tree/Plant (Aglaia Odorata)

    My mom used to have a few of these plants at her home in Florida too.

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