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    I used to get lots of compliments years ago when I wore English Fern Splash ( and it's also great for cleaning piano keys, but I digress).

    Does anybody wear any Bronnley scents? I tried White Iris but think it's awful.

    However just had a spray of Lime & Bergamot and I'm tempted to buy a bottle.

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    I only tried their lavender and disliked it, very sharp and chemical. Good against insects, perhaps.


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    I love Lime & Bergamot and enjoy wearing it in warm weather.

    It's so inexpensive-- at it's only $17/100ml! I've got to order some of the body wash.

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    cacio Ha -Insect repellent No wonder it's not recommended on the Lavender thread!

    30 Roses - Think I will give it a go then. I found it very pleasant for every day and, like you say, it's very inexpensive.

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    Hi there
    I use Lemon and Neroli Eau Fraiche and its lovely - great for the price. The only others I have tried have been quite cloying pinky florals (apart from the Lime and Bergamot which is also lovely)
    I always ask myself... 'Could you wear it with a hangover?'

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    I have a bottle of "Bronnley After Shave." I bought it about ten years ago in British import shop on a whim. It's a clear bottle filled with gold liquid and features a bulbous silver cap. Probably paid $15 for 4 oz. It's rather nondescript. Maybe kind of woodsy leathery smelling. No one has ever complimented me on it. To the contrary, I can blame it for a handful of damning inquisitions concerning what it was that I smelled like.

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