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    Thumbs up John Varvatos * USA

    I went to the mall to sample code sport (total dud) and seen the new fragrance by John varvatos, Star USA. I knew there was something special about this fragrance for me when I sniffed it. Many of you might dismiss this and claim it fades into something unremarkable but, alas, smell again. It quickly transcends into this a wonderful green muck accord that I often fantasize about. Anyone remember Bobby Jones? Well, this is infinitely better. I am totally smitten by how good this smells to *me*. I hope the full range comes out with this one. I can't stop smelling this!
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    Default Re: John Varvatos * USA

    I agree. Unlike most juices that wane as time goes by, Star starts off fresh and sporty then gets more intense and woody. A very "city-chic" scent.

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    Default Re: John Varvatos * USA

    I just picked this up as well. I am going to give it my first full wearing tomorrow. Very casual but nice scent.

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    Default Re: John Varvatos * USA

    I actually wrote about this one today in a thread below. I have a sample but haven't given it a wearing. At first I thought it was kind of generic but liked it more during the day as I smelled the test of course will be the one though. The SA told me Varvatos scents were meant to be layered so I actually tried it layered with the original Varvatos and it was very nice. Liked it alot.

    Side Note: Like the Nordstroms here in Chicago because they put out sample vials for you to make your own testers. I kind of went on a binge to here, Niemans, Saks and other places.
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    Default Re: John Varvatos * USA

    I haven't found one Varvatos fragrance worth purchasing - and after sampling this, the streak remains intact.
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    Default Re: John Varvatos * USA

    This didn't even last an hour on my skin.....Gary

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    No surprise petruccijc, you're a tough audience hahaha. G.303, it does seem to disappear but I believe it is still there. When I though it was gone, I walked out of the room I sprayed it in, came back and it was there it it's glory. I made the comparison with Bobby Jones but it also has a vibe of a long discontinued favorite, Avon American Classic but again, this is much better. I'm glad I found it!
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    Default Re: John Varvatos * USA

    So glad to hear the fall scents are starting to hit the shelves! Looking forward to giving this a test wearing soon, as I generally like the Varvatos stuff.

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    Default Re: John Varvatos * USA

    Found this to be somewhat mediocre.

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    I totally love the smell of this but I'm starting to agree with its poor longevity. It simply does not project and last. I can put on 6 sprays and its literally nonexistent in an hour. Come on JV, amp up the % oils and put it in a really classy square bottle. Then, I'd be a customer for life. This is a real gem but its a shame that it doesn't work harder for me.
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    Was at Nordstrom last weekend and the SAs were really pushing this one hard, multiple ones asked me in a span of a few minutes if I had tried it and they had it sitting on it's own little stand in the middle of the fragrance display (I'm surprised they did not have a skylight overhead illuminating to make it look like a gift from God himself). It really left no impression on me, it just smelled "good" for lack of a better word. Basically for people who just want to smell acceptable and don't necessarily want to garner any attention either positive or negative. I think they're hoping that young people graduating from axe/lower end pharmacy colognes will smell it in stores and buy it due to it being from a brand name designer and the fresh top notes. Anyone though with more than a handful of fragrances at least has several things that are equivalent, if not superior, to this.

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    Ugly bottle along with a plain scent to go with it

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