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    Default Scent Inspiration Today - Pismo Beach, CA

    Hey gang,

    Just thought I'd post about a moment I had earlier today. I was at the shore at Pismo Beach, CA overlooking a bluff that had lavender plants. The combination of the crisp ocean breeze aroma with the lavender was just heavenly; and I instantly thought to myself man I bet a company out there has duplicated this simple yet gorgeous scent. I was in absolute heaven with my angel of a wife for the entire time. I could feel the stress melt off me because of this scent and the sunshine (which I consider Nature's Prozac!).

    So my search begins - have you folks, with your eternal and vast wisdom got any direction to point me in in terms of fragrances that would duplicate this sensational aroma? I know where to go for the lavender, but crisp ocean breeze? Your thoughts are appreciated.



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    Default Re: Scent Inspiration Today - Pismo Beach, CA

    1747 perhaps by Galimard. Has both lavender and marine notes.

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    Default Re: Scent Inspiration Today - Pismo Beach, CA

    I would recommend trying Aramis New West for Him.
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    Default Re: Scent Inspiration Today - Pismo Beach, CA

    Agua Lavanda by Puig

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