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    Default Feminite du Bois vs. Comme des Garcons White

    I'm going to Barney's in Chicago this week to make a purchase, and I'm leaning toward one of these (assuming they have both).

    I have tried CdG White and love it, and I want to own it eventually. With the lower cost of this one, I could also afford something else. I'm interested in trying the original parfum, 2, and maybe some of the Incense series.

    I haven't tried Feminite du Bois, but I've sampled a few of the variations (wearing Bois et Fruits right now), and I have a good feeling about it. If I get this I can't afford anything else. But it might be exactly what I'm looking for.

    I'm in the mood for an autumnal scent, lighter/ethereal, with soft spices and maybe rose or other florals, fruits are good too. Something along the lines of the above, or Mitsouko. I love woods but I have a ton of woody perfumes already (I might have to sniff Wonderwood anyway while I'm there).

    Any thoughts or suggestions? I will enjoy hearing advice from people here and also whoever the SA is when I go. Thanks in advance..... : )

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    Default Re: Feminite du Bois vs. Comme des Garcons White

    Perhaps Montale Sunset Flowers as an autumnal scent.

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    Default Re: Feminite du Bois vs. Comme des Garcons White

    I haven't tried Comme de Garçons White but, Feminite du Bois is excellent. Although, if you can get your hands in the original by Shisedo via eBay or so on, do it. It's longer lasting and ultimately far more satisfying since it was reformulated.
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    Default Re: Feminite du Bois vs. Comme des Garcons White

    CGD White is very nice if you like spices and woods. On the other hand, before committing to a full bottle, you might want to give a chance to their Original EDP which is somewhat similar but stronger. I recently scored a Shiseido bottle of Feminitè Du Bois and it's gorgeous...

    Re the incenses...try to test them all...they're all fantastic.

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    Default Re: Feminite du Bois vs. Comme des Garcons White

    Do try Santal Majuscule by Serge Lutens. Admittedly, it is a Australian sandalwood scent; however, the rose, soft spices, and the hint of apricot add glorious dimensions to this upbeat fragrance.

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    Default Re: Feminite du Bois vs. Comme des Garcons White

    CDG White is very good, though, I wouldn't contrast it with Feminite du Bois. If looking for a spice-fest oriental like White, go for Arabie ( my first choice ) or Rousse. The original CDG eau de parfum is heavier, richer, yet also simpler and a bit duller than White.

    I own both the original CDG and Arabie. Both I'm happy to own, but, I find Arabie the more sophisticated and interesting one. Like most Lutens, Arabie has Feminite du Bois "dna" in it in that it's got that cedar-fruit-musk accord lurking in the background.

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    Also: just because it was the first, doesn't mean it will be your favorite. One thing the Lutens line is full of is slight tweeks in the FdB formula to create a new fragrance. There are a lot of in-line variants; the named "Bois" series are just the start.

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    Default Re: Feminite du Bois vs. Comme des Garcons White

    I own the original FdB from Shisiedo and found the new revamped SL version ultra sweet compared to before. I agree with the Arabie instead.

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    Default Re: Feminite du Bois vs. Comme des Garcons White

    Thanks everyone!

    Maybe some day I'll get to try the original Shiseido FdB, but for now I'm more interested in something that is readily available.

    I forgot about Santal Majuscule....I'll have to give it a sniff if they have it. I'm also interested in Sa Majeste la Rose. But....I have to be realistic about how much I can sniff and test while I'm there, I can't smell everything. I'm trying to go in with somewhat of a plan of attack! I'm bringing a list with me.

    I have a sample of Arabie and it's actually one of my least favorite from Serge Lutens. I just don't like nuts in my perfume, and something about it smells like nuts or acorns with spices. Rousse smells better to me, but still just a bit harsh for what I'm looking for. There's something a little abrasive about it that bothers me over time.

    As for Comme des Garcon parfum, the original, I do want to try it, and I probably will like it.

    Thanks again, I'm excited! The only other time I was there, they were about to close so I didn't get to spend time shopping.

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