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    Default skeptical of crest whitestrips' "enamel safe" label

    any way to make sure this stuff is safe for enamel? some way to check if the ingredients are safe? should i take the pack i bought to a dentist and ask? thing is i'm also not sure if a dentist would be honest with me instead of just say "no that's no good, let me whiten your teeth instead so you can pay me a bunch of money instead0".

    this is the one i've bought (haven't opened the pack yet):

    also have any of you guys used this particular product? any problems? and was it effective?

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    Default Re: skeptical of crest whitestrips' "enamel safe" label

    anyone? don't need specific answers, any opinions would help

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    Default Re: skeptical of crest whitestrips' "enamel safe" label

    l've been using this product regularly since being introduced to it on a visit to LA three years ago. lt's not available here in the UK so l buy mine from ebay. l've never had any problems with it. The results are great, & l often get compliments on the whiteness of my teeth. My dentist doesn't know l use it, but he has not noticed any issues with my enamel. l'm sure it's much safer than those "home whitening kits" where you fill a tray with peroxide & put it in your mouth! l highly recommend it.

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