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Thread: DIY Oakmoss

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    Default DIY Oakmoss

    Hi all, I posted the below to another board with no response, so let me try here, where we seem to have more chemists/alchemists... :

    I have harvested oakmoss (evernia prunastri) from my home in France (in a
    particularly moist part of the Alps; I have it from both oak trees and fruit
    trees , plum and apple, interested to see if there is a difference in scent),
    and now I am playing with it to try to make a concrete or resinoid out of it. I
    wonder if anyone has experience and could offer advice? I did look at Arktander
    (sp?) and he seems to think the best extraction is from solvent (hexane) to a
    concrete and then that concrete "washed" with alcohol to get the extract.
    Another technique is to do a warm ethanol extraction directly, which results in
    a resinoid (or just an extract if you don't evaporate off the ethanol). I have
    both hexane and a Soxhlet extractor (for the ethanol extraction). I will
    probably try both, but would appreciate any advice. Particularly on the hexane,
    which one may wish to warm, but I hesitate to do that due to that because of its
    extreme flammability. Can I use it to extract without heat?

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    Default Re: DIY Oakmoss

    Hexane can be uses without external heat. Unless the oakmoss thalli are extremely fragile, I would macerate them in hexane foray least a couple weeks.

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