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    How strange.

    “We wanted to tell a real story with the concept, not something based on fantasy,” yet then they chose this strange theory about the evolution of blood groups to define their fragrance and stated it like it was the undisputed truth.

    Selling fragrances is a lot about selling fantasies but why tie your brand to this strange story?

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    AB sounds interesting. I wonder what the difference between slate and pebble accords is. ;)

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    The scents may be original and dramatic but the marketing concept is totally tasteless. This obviously suits a society that thinks Ricky Gervais is a great comic and "Big Brother" is great drama. What next? Maybe a family of scents based on tsunamis and earthquakes?

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    Very interesting article. Sounds like a great range for vampires!
    Don't find them tempting myself.

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    I give them this: they are industrious within a saturated market ... I mean the market this collection is targeting. Interesting concept just because of it’s awkwardness. The fragrances themselves sound very basic. I guess they will do fine as long as one doesn’t need to transfuse them. Personally, I wouldn’t mind smelling the juice but I am quite sure that I wouldn’t pay for it (the concept included). In the article there is not much about the quality of the ingredients. It seems to me that maybe 9 months is not a surprising small amount of time invested in this particular product.

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    A base metallic note in each fragrance? Has anyone smelled these? :undecided:
    If a fragrance needs a big backstory, that is almost never a good sign....
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    This is such an interesting fragrance concept! The base metallic note in each of the fragrances is very fitting, as it will help provide the blood vibe.

    All of the trends (vampires and minimalism) these fragrances are following is funny! Some fun pop-culture market research was done :P I'd have to say the minimalism thing is a little overplayed.... I can't wait for extravagance to be in style ;)


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    Sounds like a great idea(concept) The compatibility kit is a great idea. Try all 4 and then buy the bottle of your favourite (or Not) Very similar to the "Nomad kit" from Histoires de Parfums.

    I have been informed that pre-ordering is available through Avery Fine Perfumery in New Orleans now. This would be for residents in N.A.

    Cheers Rex:thumbsup:

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    Is the what the cast of True Blood should be wearing?

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    Default New Blood Fragrances

    Its sounds like a good and interesting concept and I like the idea since BLOOD is the life force of all living *things*.

    Perhaps making one sweet, one sour, one metallic, one herbal, and follow on with that idea may have been better because if you read some vampire novels and stories they refer to the taste of blood. Having a metallic note in *all* the fragrances may bring the line together but metallic notes don't work with everyone's chemisty.

    However, and I am not trying to be mean or critical, just honest, I think they MAY have limited their customer base and marketability because it could appeal PRIMARILY to a certain *type* of customer rather than everyone.

    What I mean is that it might appeal to the tweens, teens, 20's, 30's, and perhaps a few people in the 40 year old age group & people involved in vampire, goth and dark cult groups as well.

    It don't think it will be taken seriously by those in the over 40 age group or those that take their perfumes seriously and spend the biggest amount of money on fragrance. I think that is the age group they should be trying to appeal to if they want a long-lasting product with repeat buyers.

    But if they aren't trying to create a fragrance that could be around for years, don't mind having what could be seen as a *novelty* product that appeals primarily to a certain age group or cult, then more power to them!

    I would try it but I don't think it would be grouped with my prized perfume possessions. It would be grouped with my novelty fragrances, like Black Widow, Satan Instinct, and other such fragrances which I *might* reach for once every two years.
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    Default Re: Article: Bloody Fragrance

    Quote Originally Posted by Smellsgreat View Post
    The scents may be original and dramatic but the marketing concept is totally tasteless. ... [snip]
    "Tasteless" ??? And what exactly is so tasteless about "blood" ??? :confused: I mean, it literally is THE "stuff" that gives you life. (Other than air/oxygen), it's literally your life-force ! ~ I therefore seriously fail to see anything "tasteless" about "blood" ! Or even, for that matter, the whole concept which IMO is not only interesting & well-considered, but also original in a saturated market. (Albeit, yes, a touch gimmicky.) But hardly "tasteless" !

    ~ @ ~

    I've not yet had a chance to test these on skin, BUT have tested their "compatibility kit - scratch & sniff" cards. And I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. Far surpassing my expectations. ~ Scent "O" and "B" being my personal faves, (with "AB" not far behind), but all 4 are interesting and excellently composed. And the only reason I was less enamoured of "A" is because I just abhor the smell of "tomato leaf", (no matter how well blended).
    ~ Basically, to cap, I believe they are at very least well worth a sampling ! (Regardless of any "sqeamishness" or concept/image doubts.)

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    Well, I'm curious, and I'm an over-forty perfumista. But then, I'm also a Buffy fan..... ;-)

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    Default Re: Article: Bloody Fragrance

    These just sound like SECRETIONS MAGNIFIQUES flankers to me... The blood, the metal, the horror: it's all there.

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    Interesting concept but a abit off putting for me. The blood concept speaks of a little too much 'hospital'/ medicine to me.
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    Default Re: Article: Bloody Fragrance

    Quote Originally Posted by sherapop View Post
    These just sound like SECRETIONS MAGNIFIQUES flankers to me... The blood, the metal, the horror: it's all there.
    None of them smelled anywhere near or close to anything like "Secretions Magnifiques" to me. (Nor do I think "SM" is actually anywhere near as off-putting as others seem to exaggerate.) ... Even the metallic basenote (that's carried thru all 4 scents), surprisingly didn't bother me as much as I thought it might.* ~ I really think these will pleasantly surprise allot of you out there with misgivings !

    * (Although I should probably disclose that the smell of blood has also never really bothered me either.)

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    Can people in the United States get samples? I'd love to try these.:evil:

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    Tried these but really didn't find anything that I wanted to smell of (one had rather 'meaty' sort of notes to it).
    Interestingly the sales person at the shop said it was a bit of a challenge to have to keep explaining 'the concept' to people all the time, since most people thought it was about their own blood type (not so) and then got into a state because they didn't know what their type was...
    Wanted to surprise myself and like them, but not for me.

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