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    Default Escape Calvin Klein Men

    This was my first fragrance love. Summer of 98' i used to push carts at Wal-Mart ( lol..cant belioeve i allowed myself to do that) anyway..i was saving up for school clothes and i wanted a special fragrance... thus began my love of fragrances..i rushed to Dillards and when i got my first paycheck and bought A super huge gift set.

    This fragrance puzzles me still. very fruity off the top but the dry down is very dry......supposedlu it has mango ice cream as one of the notes..i would love to see the brief for this one when they were creating it. The womens version is definitely a powerhouse marine that can give you a burning migraine.i wouldnt classify this as a marine fragrance although people say it is. are you guys still wearing this one.? i am...such memories of nostalgia

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    Default Re: Escape Calvin Klein Men

    Liked it at one time, and it's still in my collection, but these days it strikes me as a little on the harsh and synthetic side. I can see it for nostalgia appeal. Don't think I could wear it, though.

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    Default Re: Escape Calvin Klein Men

    Used to love it as a young teen! Havent smelled it for years!

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    Default Re: Escape Calvin Klein Men

    Never cared for it much.

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    Default Re: Escape Calvin Klein Men

    I still like it and use it from time to time. It feels a tad dated now when fresh watermelon synthetic almost unisex fragrances were starting to really take off.
    It still smells "young", 90s young that is.

    Nevertheless, it's a nice different way to approach male scents when the majority still smells similar.
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    Default Re: Escape Calvin Klein Men

    i love it

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