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    Just discovered this forum section and noticed that a note I've been using quite a lot isn't here so . . . I have three sources for cucumber scent in my possession currently:

    1. trans-2,cis-6-Nonadienal - this aldehyde makes up most of the scent of fresh cucumber so it's no surprise that it smells like it. There are also notes of melon and a strong green effect. It's very fresh and adds subtle freshness, almost violet leaf when used in small quantities in a blend. When I say small - I'm starting with this at a 1% dilution in ethanol and often using vanishingly small amounts - it is very strong and diffusive and I've not handled the stuff in pure form.

    2. Cucumber Fragrance Oil (from Just-a-Soap) - this is a similar but softer scent, very cucumber and not so much melon but still sweeter. There is a little bit of coconut here too I think. It looks like it's in a DPG base - clear, fairly thick and sticky - probably a low concentration of the same aldehyde with some other things added.

    3. Cucumber Oil - this is sold as a carrier oil rather than an essential oil and I bought it purely as an experiment. Neat it has a distinct cucumber smell, very true to the effect you get if you scratch the rind of a fresh cucumber without cutting into the flesh. It's a very light oil that sinks into the skin easily and is pleasant to use. I don't think the odour yield is high enough to be very useful in an alcohol based perfume but I've used it in combination with both of the above in oil and emulsion bases where it rounds out the scent very nicely.
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    Thanks for this Chris.
    This note became very fashionable a year or two ago and started to appear in many releases from amouage to drugstore to hand disinfectant gels. I have often wondered what the exact chemical is.
    To be honest I find it tiresome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hirch_duckfinder View Post
    To be honest I find it tiresome.
    And not that appealing.

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