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    Default Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    Hi All,

    I just received a bottle of Oudy Woody and it's exactly what I've expected. This stuff is sharp! Steely sharp. It's pungent, metallic, and very medicinal (band aids). Right out of the bottle, it kind of stings the inside of my nose. I've never sampled the expensive oud oils, but everything that I have with oud in it, synthetic or not, has this particular thing about it, but certainly not as high pitched as Oudy Woody.

    It's been on my hand for about 45mins. It's still in the medicinal stage, but seems to be moving towards a leathery, musty smell (Like the inside of a wallet). There is only a tiny smidgen of sweetness. I can't say that I like or dislike this scent at this point, but I can't imagine wearing it in Summer.

    The bottle is something, too. The cap appears to be wooden, or phenolic, painted a dark brown, and fits firmly on the neck of the sprayer neck. The liquid is a pale greenish yellow. The class is clear, except for the sides, which are a very deep purple. The lettering and arabesque pattern on the bottle, are printed in a gold metallic ink. The bottle is capped with a gold tone piece, that also forms the neck of the atomizer. Yes, I have a little leakage issue with the bottle, but it could be coming from the sprayer, as it has to go into a tight hole in the cap (possibly causing pressure on the sprayer as it is being replaced.)

    I'll give this stuff a full wearing as the weather cools. If I don't like it by then, it may end up being sold or decanted.


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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    I haven't tried Oudy Woody, but many Arabian synthetic ouds I know of have a very sharp, metallic opening, that however disappears after a while. Mukhallat Malaki is supersharp in this respect. Even the Montales are a little sharp, though they're really not as metallic as that. Clearly, they have to be used in small doses. Paired with rose or saffrony materials, they are less dark.

    In my small experience, true expensive ouds do not have this metallic/sharp edge. But they are extremely potent, dry, woody-leathery, almost like very rotten wood.


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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    I took me about a year to finally get a sample instead of buying it blind. I'm so glad i never pulled the trigger on this one.

    It took on the smell of body odor on my skin. It's the only "oud" I've tried so far to accomplish this.

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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    Well Oudh Woody has a component called "Saif E Hind" which translates to "Sword of India" , so that "steel" note is suppose to be there, Oudy Woody is very well suit for very hot climates .

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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    The sharpness(searing actually) blast is in Montales Wild Oud as well. Hate it
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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    Anything that feels like that for 45 minutes after spraying puts it off my to-buy list permanently. Razor blades on my skin once every morning is more than enough, thanks.

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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    Sharp, searing. This stuff is edgy as all hell, for those who like that. Depends just how serious you are about your purchases, but at a <$.30/ml price point, I see it as 'fun'. I'll make a little room for fun.

    I'm curious if those who've tried this stuff would agree that it lurches in the direction of Amouge Epic Man?
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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    Actually this kind of smell is really popular in KSA esp during Ramadan/Hajj. The imagery of razor blades in a bottle is kind of gross, I see it as more of sheen of a steel sword , its how you look at it and thats why that scent is called Saif Hind. I initially was not impressed but it grows on you then you love it. I love wearing it on hot summer nights .

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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    I just got a bottle of this. It is indeed very sharp and metallic. Reminds me of Gucci Rush Men + dirty oud. The only thing I don't like about it is the hint of barnyard which i suppose come from the oud. It would have been glorious if it were just Gucci Rush + oud. I understand the dirty oud maybe something my western nose may not be used to, and I will be wearing this to see if my nose adjusts. Also don't be fooled by the Eau de Parfum on the label, this is definitely Eau de Toilette concentration or even weaker.

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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    If you like the smell of leather and swords, its an easy blind buy. For 30 bucks its a steal. I love wearing this on hot summer nights and in Dallas its its like that half the year almost

    There is no resemblance to Gucci Rush , its a leathery oudy metallic fragrance. The only downside is the shitty bottle.

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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    I still have my bottle and have layered it with other scents, and came out with much better results. Cold weather makes a difference, too.

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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    Quote Originally Posted by cacio View Post
    almost like very rotten wood.

    Makes sense -- as that is what oud is

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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    Just purchased a bottle for $20.00. We'll see what happens.

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    Default Re: Oudy Woody: Razor blades in a bottle.

    Sharp, biting and unpleasant IMO.

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