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    Default If I like Agua Lavanda?

    So I recently purchased a bottle of Agua Lavanda at a local hispanic market here in Boston. I often discarded this scent in favor of Guerlain, Santa Maria Novella, etc. But tonight, when I filled a small atomizer with this sauce, and sprayed some on my neck and undershirt I was taken aback. This stuff is fabulous and I now I don't know why I ever parted with it. The lavender is cool, clean, and creamy all at the same time. This is my holy grail. My armor. The scent that I want my children to remember me by.

    Is there anything though that is like this or similar that I may like? My wife thinks Caron pour un homme, but the vanilla makes me kind of cringe. I'm getting an aromatic fougere-ness from this stuff that reminds me of Paco Rabanne pour Homme. It has a clean swarthiness to it that I find common in Spanish and Portuguese fragrances/soaps that I love. Maybe it is just the fact that both of them are in a dark green bottle.
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    Default Re: If I like Agua Lavanda?

    I have extensive experiences with lavender EdTs and EdCs and this is apart from the rest.

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    Default Re: If I like Agua Lavanda?

    Perhaps Offrez-Lui

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    Default Re: If I like Agua Lavanda?

    Gendarme 20 might be an option for you. It has a lavender opening and has a very clean smell. I always splash some AL on my face in the morning and at night before I hit the sack. Calming.
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    Default Re: If I like Agua Lavanda?

    A taste of heaven By Kilian.

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    Default Re: If I like Agua Lavanda?

    Here are some good options:

    Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Water (not new EdT)
    Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge
    Atkinsons English Lavender
    AdP Lavanda Tonica (good luck finding it)
    Arome 3 (more complex floral fougere, but stellar lavender note)
    Patou pour homme Prive (same story as Arome 3)

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    Default Re: If I like Agua Lavanda?

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