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    Default Lorenzo by Lorenzo de' Medici?

    Has anyone ever heard of this line or tried "Lorenzo?" The name is licensed from a [real/supposed?] Spanish-speaking descendant of the Florentine family, but I have no idea who makes this and whether it's a luxury con or truly merits the ridiculous price of $200.
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    Default Re: Lorenzo by Lorenzo de' Medici?

    There is a descendant of the de Medici family. He lives in Spain and writes books, per this site:

    The page on trademarks indicates he has licensed the name for perfume.

    I cannot find any reviews or info on the scents in the line, other than that they're expensive.

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    Default Re: Lorenzo by Lorenzo de' Medici?

    Having got hold of a decant of Caterina de Medici from The Perfumed Court, my mother has taken a liking to this (it smells great actually).
    Does anyone know what the website is for Lorenzo de Medici perfumes if they have one?
    I have e-mailed asking for more info, so touch wood, I may get a reply.
    I'm not certain how many perfumes there are in this line up, but there is Caterina de Medici, Les jardins de Caterina and Lorenzo classic for men that I've heard of, so it's now a case of finding someone that sells them, unless they were discontinued years ago?

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    Default Re: Lorenzo by Lorenzo de' Medici?

    Does anyone know of a store that sells Caterina EDP by Lorenzo de Medici?

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    Default Re: Lorenzo by Lorenzo de' Medici?

    Giving this one another bump.
    I'd be curious to find out more about the line since I'm writing my dissertation on Lorenzo's lyric poetry.

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