I was out on a shopping trip with my wife yesterday and, since she wanted to buy some Touche Eclat, we found ourselves at the YSL counter at John Lewis, Nottingham.

Naturally, I started chatting to the SA, and after five minutes or so asked if she had an M7 tester. She produced a vintage bottle. I expressed surprise and asked her about the reformulation with the label on the back. This was news to her although she did say YSL are "bringing it back because it is getting so popular". I told her about the lovin' M7 gets on here.

Anyway, we did a bit more chit chat about my wife's preferences, and after giving her a spray of Elle, and discussing that for a while, the SA suggested Wife try White Patchouli, so we wandered over to the Tom Ford display...

Five minutes later the SA came rushing over to us, rather excited. My comments had aroused her curiosity ans she had opened a new M7 and it was clearly the reformulated bottle. She tried a spray with a colleague, and the difference she experienced was what I had described to her, having read about it here.

We went back to the YSL counter and I was able to sample both side by side. The opening on the reformulated version is very much 'quieter' than the vintage. The dry down seems identical in both versions to my barely educated nose. The reformulated seemed to last longer and be a little stronger, but that may be because I had inadvertantly applied more of that than the vintage.

For me, the best part of M7 is the drydown. If I was starting out now I would choose the reformulated over the vintage, simply because you can put it on straight before going out and not kill everybody in the car with you!

The above is just my view, though, and it seems to be consistent with my preference for the 'quieter' openings of the EdP rather than EdT versions of Opium PH, La Nuit de L'Homme, and Terre D'Hermes.

If anybody does go over and try them out, please mention that you've read this post, and either drop me a PM or add your comments to this thread.

The location again. John Lewis, Nottingham. Enjoy!!!