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    Default Estee Lauder Sensuous EDP

    Any other men wearing this and what are your thoughts?? I first encountered it when at work about a year ago and smelled it on a lady customer. I just had to ask her what it was. She told me and I looked it up here to see what others had to say. At work these women kept coming in wearing Sensuous and I'd mention it to them to their surprise. Well I bought a bottle today and at this point I'm pretty infatuated with this scent. I would have bought 2 bottles (1.0 oz on sale at CVS) but I got the last bottle they had. It reminds me of Gucci Rush for Men which I adored years ago, but unfortunately got discontinued. I haven't been this excited about a scent in awhile...

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    I think it is 'butch' enough for a guy to pull off. Very woody, and hey woody usually smells 'masculine', right? Still, I found the base notes turned me off...too musky? Honestly, I can't remember, I just couldn't tolerate the dry down. Still, the top and middle notes reminded me a bit of masculine orientals (Obsession for Men, etc)
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    Totally a unisex option. I got a sample and wore it for a few days. It wasn't for me, but it's not because it's too "feminine," it just isn't my style.

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