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    Default Cheaper alternatives

    Hi Folkes
    I am looking for cheaper "smell alikes" to the following -
    L'eau d'issey - Issey Miyake
    Glow - J lo
    Happy - Clinique
    Acqua di Gio - Armani
    Private Collection - Estee Lauder
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Cheaper alternatives

    JMO, but Private Collection is without equal. It has a unique green/floral/incense/animalic vibe, and for all its many parts, comes across as a unified harmony.
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    Default Re: Cheaper alternatives

    Welcome to Basenotes! Hope you enjoy being here.

    No offence, please, but what is the price bracket you are looking for? Some of those above can be bought for around $30 on the net (parfum1 is just one of the sources, they often have 10 per cent off promos and free shipping on all orders priced at $75 and above). While I can't answer your question right away, I think you should look into Avon/Oriflame or Yves Rocher scents, some of them might cost around $20.
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    Default Re: Cheaper alternatives

    Escape by CK can be found at discounters and is very similar almost a dupe of Issey.Escape has a bit of rosewood though.
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    Default Re: Cheaper alternatives

    As said above, these can be found online for relatively reasonable prices.
    I think if you do actually find an alternative, it may not be very pleasant smelling.
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    Default Re: Cheaper alternatives

    La Voile Rouge

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    Default Re: Cheaper alternatives

    Perry Ellis 360 Red is a great and cheap alternative to Acqua Di Gio
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    Default Re: Cheaper alternatives

    Charlie -original blue is similar to EL Private Collection. Not a dupe ,but in the green floral family.
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