I have some queries regarding how we define "number of hours" we get in terms of longevity of a frag.

Example, the longevity of JPG Le Male is said to last anywhere from 10 to 24hrs (in Tim's video). Other reviewers say it last for at least 10 hours. But on me, Le Male loses it projection by the 6th hour. I need to stick my nose on the spot that I sprayed in order to smell it.

Similarly for Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey pour homme, reviews says that it last for 8-10 hours. But on me, by the 3-4th hour, it's left with minimal projection.

With that said, may I know how reviewers commonly define how many hours they get from the various frags? When they say "I get xx hours on this", do they mean by the xx hour, they still get significant projection/sillage? or do they mean that projection should have been gone midway through the xx hours and by the xx hour, they would not be able to smell any trace of scent (even if they stick their nose on the spray spot)?

Not sure if there's a definitive answer for this, but any idea would help.