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    Default open to suggestions/guidance - expensive perfume 'equivalent'

    Hello everyone,

    I am a perfume lover. I love perfumes like COCO, Shalimar, Mitsouko, Coco Mademoiselle, Eclat d'Arpege, Organza, Parfum Sacre, No. 5, Amour Le Parfum etc but it is only very rarely that I can afford to buy them, i.e. one of them once in a blue moon!
    What similar but cheaper fragrances (in EDP concentration) do you suggest for me?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: open to suggestions/guidance - expensive perfume 'equivalent'

    You might want to go to Lush and check some of their perfumes. They've some good ones!

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    Default Re: open to suggestions/guidance - expensive perfume 'equivalent'

    Do you ever purchase online? what's your price range? I've bought most everything I have under $30 online. Check (they often have the lowest prices and regularly have 10-15% of codes - sign up for their newsletter,, Also check places like TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross, their stock is usually priced under $30. There are also a lot of online e-tailers that sells dupes and check health food stores for their fragrance oils, companies such as Kuumba Made, Auric Blends, Attar Bazaar, Madini, etc have some nice scents, usually in the $8-15 range.

    If you may like Rochas Femme, Mauboussin Histoire d' Eau, Adrienne Vittadini.
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    Default Re: open to suggestions/guidance - expensive perfume 'equivalent'

    Mitsouko and Shalimar can be picked up quite cheaply in places like TJMaxx etc. Hit yard sales etc if in the US,bargins to be got there. Estate sales as well.
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    Default Re: open to suggestions/guidance - expensive perfume 'equivalent'

    Thank you for the suggestions, but these stores are not available in my region, and I am from Romania. Even if I choose to buy online, the shipping cost is sometimes much higher than the cost of the perfume itself. And there are no such things here as yard-sales, even if that is something I find practical. My income is around 250$ so I can not spend more than 50$ once every three to six moths on perfumes. Economy in my country is low, there are many problems in all domains of activity (including education where I work) and perfumes are priced as luxury products. In local stores a perfume ranges from 100$ upwards, so I can not afford it.

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    Default Re: open to suggestions/guidance - expensive perfume 'equivalent'

    Ah!!! Right, you are right about not being widely available in your country. Perhaps if some members who live in that area of the EU can give better suggestions. If you have friends going on holiday how about duty free?
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    Default Re: open to suggestions/guidance - expensive perfume 'equivalent'

    We understand your desire to smell good no matter what the income is. Many BNers have similar circumstances but being a part of the community helps with this some.

    First of all, you are moving in the right direction joining Basenotes and asking questions. Secondly, you need a plan: what fragrances that you have previously tried you can't imagine your life without? And thirdly, you save every penny you can to get at least two bottles of good scents and a handful of small empty vials. Then, you enjoy the discussion on the forum to see what other people have to say about the scents they are wearing or smelling, thus finding like-minded and like-perceiving people of the globe. After that, you check their To Test list and if you are lucky one of your scents would appear there. You decant, send it to them requesting something from their Wardrobe in return. In the meantime, while you go shopping, please ask sales assistants to fill your empty vials with their Tester scent -- there are normally bottles on the counter and many shoppers do not know that the trick is to come with YOUR OWN empty vials.

    Last but not least: Yves Rocher must be available in Romania too, I am sure, they have a few gems -- quite a handful of discontinued fragrances are of very high value as well as quality and desirability: if you can spot them in the discounted bin -- grab them and run quick before they change their minds.

    The very last: we have about 5-7 people from your country posting regularly, however some of them are residing in other countries now. I hope some of them can chime in.

    The very very last: please PM me your shipping address, I will send you about a dozen samples to get you started. Please also work on your To Test list -- the more fragrances there, the higher are the chances we have them (as of right now, I can easily share only one scent from your To Test list).
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    Default Re: open to suggestions/guidance - expensive perfume 'equivalent'

    Thank you for the clear suggestions. Unfortunately I am not sure that if I go with my empty vial the shop assistant will really fill it. There is a Douglas store in a local mall - and the ladies/shop assistants there act bothered/upset by the presence of customers. Their only focus is how to overuse the testers on themselves and be rude to expedite faster possible clients (they've got an Attitude). However, I shall give it a try, nothing to lose. You are right, there is an Yves Rocher shop in my town, I have seen positive reviews for some of their fragrances, and I shall try that too. Many thanks again.

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