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    Default UK split - Balafre Lancome

    Although I am a first time splitter, I am an amateur perfumer so have experience and the proper equipment for accuracy and hygienic bottling practices.

    My first split offered is for the current formulation of:-

    Maison Lancôme Balafre eau de toilette 75ml

    This will be accurately split for 15ml units or more.
    £31.60 per split. (Inc)
    The price will include
    A plain amber (or clear glass if you request it) cone lidded screw topped aromatherapy style sturdy bottle,
    It will be sent for safety with the cone cap on plus a screw cap working spray top to fit when it arrives.
    plus a plastic pipette to enable decanting should you wish to.
    The bottle will be labelled as per the original with any relevant details.

    If more than one unit is ordered, the cost will go down accordingly because there will only be one bottle and one spray mechanism. I will make costs clear before purchase and any excesses will be returned. This purchase is primarily to share buy so that I can afford some.

    Postage within the UK will be £4.30 for first class and £7.15 Special delivery

    Split 1 - Personally booked
    Split 2 - Reserved (Yarn)
    Split 3 - Reserved
    Split 4 - Reserved (JTB)

    Split 5 - Reserved

    Please note that I intend to purchase this perfume next Tuesday the 9th September so any splits must be paid for by Monday the 8th for me to qualify for the proper split rules.

    If anyone has a another suggestion of what bottle or spray their split should be put into. Then please say so and I will oblige.

    (Mods - this is my first split so please nudge me if I'm doing anything wrong)

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    Default Re: UK split - Balafre Lancome

    Count me in

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    Default Re: UK split - Balafre Lancome

    Happy to support a UK based splitter. I'll take position 4, please.

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    Default Re: UK split - Balafre Lancome

    Fab. I'll PM you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ok chaps. The split ratio is completed now and the purchase will go ahead tomorrow when all is settled. PM's being sent.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just checking the rules to make sure I'm doing everything by the book.

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