In Korea, I picked up a perfume stick from the local brand Etude house, called Minime Ms. Hot.

The Minime come in little plastic figurines copied from the successful Harajuku series. One would expect comparable quality, but the Ms. Hot above is actually a pleasant, light, very fresh green floral with a nice note of grapefruit skin. Nothing out of the ordinary, and not as good as, say, AA Pamplelune, but priced right at $10 and miles above freshly chemical abominations a la Light blue. A good way to steer 5 year olds who must have little dolls in the right olfactory direction (if one cannot afford Chanel Eau de Cologne, that is).

Has anybody else tried the Minime series? I just quickly smelled the others in the series, but was unimpressed. but perhaps I dismissed them too quickly.