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    Default New PG fragrance: MYRRHIAD

    As reported and reviewed over on a 1000 Fragrances:

    I find the combination of notes interesting. The anise-almond-myrrh combo makes me think of Lutens' ''La Myrrhe'', but the vanilla and oppoponax makes me think it will be myrrh taken in PG's typically sweeter, smoother style; perhaps leaning towards Shalimar territory. In any case, I'll be excited to try it, being the myrrh-fiend that I am!

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    Default Re: New PG fragrance: MYRRHIAD

    Thanks Sugandaraja! I was even more interested what he had to say about Lutens' Vitriol...

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    Default Re: New PG fragrance: MYRRHIAD

    Thanks for the info.

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    Default Re: New PG fragrance: MYRRHIAD

    Oooh, this sounds lovely.
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    Default Re: New PG fragrance: MYRRHIAD

    has anyone tried this yet?

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