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    Default Juliet by Juliet Stewart

    Top Notes: lemon, basil, bergamot, Sicilian orange and Mediterranean herbs

    Middle Notes: jasmine

    Base Notes: amber, vanilla, sandalwood

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    Default Re: Juliet by Juliet Stewart

    Added to the directory, awaiting approval.

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    Default Re: Juliet by Juliet Stewart


    I won a bottle of this delightful scent in a raffle. Love it.

    Here is a link to a visual/musical rendition of this scent - as I got inspired - see post #28

    Some scents translates themselves beautifully into music.
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    Default Re: Juliet by Juliet Stewart

    Any progress?

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    Default Re: Juliet by Juliet Stewart

    Very odd that it seems to have got lost somewhere. Have passed this onto Grant. If it's not in the system we can re add it.

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