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    I went to Blackmarket at #02-10, Orchard Central and Hide & Seek at 71, Bussorah Street yesterday to look for Tauer Perfumes but what I saw were empty lots. Do they ceased operation or just moved?

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    I am not sure about Blackmarket. Oblique at Hide & Seek does seem to have ceased operations, which is such a pity.

    Your best bet may be to directly order from Tauer Perfumes, and it is cheaper too! Just that it is not easy to test anything now.

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    It's a bummer that stopped sending to Singapore since Feb 2013. However, I've just found out ships to Singapore and you can opt for cheapest shipping option, which is just $18.20. On top of that use promo code "robes08" (w/o the quotes) to get 15% off the order.

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    My experiences at Jasina this week:

    I can also recommend the smaller perfume place a few doors down...lovely ladies in there did some great discounting on more current stuff

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    Just a quick note for fellow BNers on the availability of offerings available in Singapore.

    Laboratorio Olfattivo (the entire range), Etat Libre d`Orange (with a good half of the more saleable range, so no Secretions Manifique) and Acca Kappa (most of the range) are available at Takashimaya along Orchard Road at the gents section. Pricing was decent too.
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    Escentials at Paragon and Tangs on Orchard Rd have Acqua di Parma, Amouage, Annick Goutal, Comme des Garcons, Creed, Different Company, Diptyque, Le Labo, Memo, MFK, Penhaligon's and Serge Lutens. Amouage is well priced compared to the US, approx. USD $240 for a 100ml bottle. Creed is approx. USD $210 for a 75ml bottle.

    Tangs also carries Armani Privee, Guerlain,Tom Ford and the usual suspects.

    Malmaison next to Paragon stocks Malle, pricing is higher than Europe.

    Jasina on Northbridge Rd has some vintage fragrances at bargain prices.
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    Escentials would have to be your best bet here, they do have a retail space in Tangs. Jasina is good for ' designer' brands and the likes, service isn't the best so you kinda need to know what you like.

    having said that its really hard to find the other niche perfumes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mixerscent View Post
    Tangs also carries Guerlain,Tom Ford and the usual suspects.
    The exclusives as well?
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    Only some of the exclusive ranges.

    Namely: Les Parisiennes, Les Parisiens, L'Art et La Matière, and Une Ville, Un Parfum (whatever remaining stocks left for this discontinued range).

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    Can anyone tell me if Helmut lang fragrances are available in Singapore. I know Club 21 carry their clothing line, but i'm not so sure regarding the fragrance.
    Also does anyone know when will Chanel Misia be launched.


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    Hi fellow Singaporeans,

    I am new to this forum, glad to be able to make everybody's acquaintance.

    Just wondering, as I believe most of us here might have some perfumes that we might not have a chance to finish using in our lifetime.

    And also some of us here might want to have some perfumes that we find it hard to fork out the cash for a whole bottle. I have tried to search through the site to look for splits or decants but most are for other countries.

    Would like to seek this opportunity to gather up all Singaporeans here to garner suggestions and opinions to organize splits or decants.

    Appreciate everybody's input.

    Thank you.


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    Hey Redwhite, count me in. I have a lot of stuff if any of you are looking for some decants. I don't mind hosting the splits.

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    Hi Diamondflame ,

    That is awesome! For a moment I thought this thread has lost its steam. Im still new, just discovered the beautiful world of perfumes. Still have much to learn from all the experience sniffers here.

    You can list down the fragrance that you are willing to decants and any awesome perfumes that you are looking to split.

    Interest parties can reply to the threads. =)

    Thank you so much for your assistance.

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    redwhite, a lot of fragrance splitting, decanting and swapping activity can be found on Facebook. There is at least one very active splitter/decanter based in Singapore, (check out The Fragrance Guru Nation). Some overseas splitters/decanters charge very reasonable international shipping prices, so that's one possible avenue to explore.

    There is also a perfume-lovers' group for Singaporeans in FB. You might have luck finding what you want there.

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    Thanks alot Maque for the valuable info! I would definitely check them out.

    Some perfume that I am interested in from Amazon or Ebay I tried to get them to ship to a freight forward company for example vpost/65daigou/borderlinx. The freight forward agents actually rejected the parcel as it is perfume citing that Singapore customs disallow entry.

    I had come across quite a few very interesting decants website but am just afraid that they might face the same issue if I were to ship it to the freight forwarders. Anybody had any experience in this area? Would love to learn more if there is any work around on this.

    Thank you for your advice in advance.

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    Unfortunately, to indulge in this hobby, you (or the merchants you buy from) will have to lie about the package that it does not contain perfume (the presence of alcohol as a hazardous/combustible material actually).

    Usually, you or the merchant will have take the risk to send it via ordinary mail (no need to go through freight forwarders, what for?). Decants are usually in small packages or in small padded envelopes anyway. Problem for some countries (the UK comes to mind), Customs are quite strict, and they often destroy the packages when they catch them, leading to loss on both seller and buyer's parts.

    Realistically, decants are of little danger to airplanes and post offices, and perfume enthusiasts quietly break these rules all the time. It comes down to your comfort level in dealing with these problems and potential losses.

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    I see, damn thats too bad. Maque do agree with you that it actually pose little danger to airplanes and post offices. Wait... Fragrance Guru Nation do you mean the youtube reviewer robes08? He is based in SG? Wow i didnt know that. I have seen quite alot of his reviews and his reviews on Bond no.9's new haarlem made me purchase it and damn its good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redwhite View Post
    I see, damn thats too bad. Maque do agree with you that it actually pose little danger to airplanes and post offices. Wait... Fragrance Guru Nation do you mean the youtube reviewer robes08? He is based in SG? Wow i didnt know that. I have seen quite alot of his reviews and his reviews on Bond no.9's new haarlem made me purchase it and damn its good.
    Oh, not robes08 himself (I believe he's Canadian). He started the FB group, but the Singapore-based splitter active in that group (and some other groups) is Hans Chua, who splits quite a lot of lines, and who has quite a big collection himself.

    Comparatively, FB is quicker-moving, and the splits/decants/swaps in the groups there are very dynamic. BN on the other hand is more static, so it may not be so suitable for people like us to look for specific perfumes being split/decanted/swapped.

    Do note that because of postal restrictions, even some folks on FB are unwilling to ship overseas (lots of Americans only shipping CONUS, for example). So, you have to check the specifics.

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    Ohh.. Thanks for the clarification. That's really informative. I will most certainly check it out. Just joined the grp and the Singapore one that you mentioned. Can't thank you enough for showing a newbie like me the ropes. Haha.

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    Any info on (Singaporean) 'Sifr Aromatics'? They have a web page but it's a bit cranky at present.
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