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    Default Santa Maria Novella Bath & Body

    Has anyone tried or use regularly Santa Maria Novella Bath & Body products Soaps,Shampoo,Lotions,After Shaves etc. Input please
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    What a coincidence. I was speaking about SMN body products right around when you posted this thread an hour and a half ago.
    Coincidence or us perfumistas being perfumistas? lol

    Anyways, I lost a chance to try their products last month. A friend was in Bangkok and he picked up a few perfumes for me, the next day my wife and I realized we'd like to try some body products but it was too late then. They even have toothpaste (wifey's a dentist).
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    Default Re: Santa Maria Novella Bath & Body

    I quite like many of their soaps, perhaps more than their perfumes.

    The Tabacco Toscano is a quite beautiful strong tobacco. The Melograno (which means pomegranate) is light and clean (and non-sweet). Of the others, off the top of my head, Jasmine is a not-too-indolic jasmine, Vetiver a light, non-rooty vetiver. Colonia russa is similar to the perfume. I don't remember the others, but I remember all being pleasant. They are quite pricey though, even in Italy. I haven't tried other body products, though I've been tempted by their mouth gargles. I remember my sister using some of their powders (rice powder and iris powder, I think they're supposed to be whitening).

    In Italy at least, they also sell some worthy food products (which is probably what the pharmacy did at the beginning). Two liqueurs in particular, Alkermes and Amaro Mediceo. Extremely sweet and syrupy, they can be drunk in small quantities, but they are wonderful in cakes. They also have great minty lozenges and two "waters", that is, herbal flowered, mouth freshening concoctions to be drunk in small amounts (the Acqua di Santa maria novella and the Acqua di Melissa) which I like a lot.


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    Hello there. I AM YOUR GAL! I have been using Santa Maria Novella's bath and body products for years and I just love them. I have never been disappointed with anything and believe me I have tried a few!! Would it surprise you to hear that they are not overly expensive when purchased in Italy? A problem with Santa Maria Novella is availability, and I have noticed that in the few places that do stock them in USA and England, they are far more expensive. I stock up when I go to Italy, even if it does make quite a dent in the bank balance at the time. It is worth it. This year I stocked up in MAY for my own use and for Xmas!! They make lovely gifts and friends and family are always delighted when they recieve something from SMN. They really do look, smell , and feel like something very special.

    This is only a small selection of their products but these are the ones that I know. So, here goes;

    Rosewater; Second to none. For the complexion, the body, the bath, your bedlinen. This is one of my favourite things. If I can get it I will use it every day. It is a fantastic facial toner. I think that this is only about 8 Euro.

    Orange Flower water; the same uses, also lovely.

    Great selection of soaps, try the Melograno, and the Pot Pourri, either would suit men or women. There are lots of other lovely ones, Iris, Verbena. Makes a beautiful little gift too.

    Body Milk, a beautiful glass bottle with the loveliest milk (runnier than lotion, very refreshing), fragranced with Rose and Gardenia. If I recieved this as a gift I would be over the moon. I think that they have one for men too with a different fragrance.

    Shower gel; Bagnoschiuma Alghe Marine, Melograno fragrance. Fab for shower or bath.

    Bath Salts;, again Melograno. These are lovely oily bath salts which will fragrance your bath and the whole house. In a lovely tub. Another one that I like to give as a gift.

    Relax Fluid Creme; Fantastic body lotion scented with natural oils, a kind of herby aromatherapy smell. Great for men or women.

    Toothpaste; yes really. Dentifricio Fior D'Iris. Iris flower toothpaste. Flavoured with clove bud oil. I told my dental hygienist about this and she asked me to bring her some, which I did and she loved it.

    These are just a few things that I have tried and tested, so to speak. I have been going back to them for years. I think that the price range would be between around 8 Euro to less than 40 Euro for the things on this list, something for everyone. In Scotland we have a name for a little gift, "a wee minding". It should be modest, not expensive. The soaps, Rosewater and other things are great for that, not least because they look so fabulous. The other things make fantastic gifts for family and friends, and they are just lovely for personal use. I think that they are great value for money.

    Just a word about the soaps. Thye are triple milled, pressed and dried for a long time. They are very hard and we are not used to that any more. They are best used on a flannel (washcloth?) or sponge.

    If you do decide to try some of these products, or others that you may prefer, please let me know how you like them. Myself and a few friends are real devotees, as are any of the friends and family that I have given these products to as gifts.

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