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    Default Re: Incestuous mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, immersed

    An interesting new science. Larimar and I have become the two bi-continental mad lab technicians blending one off creations to have and to hold. Observations on my very daring gesture of "polluting" 30ml of Guerlain's Jicky parfum with Caron's "En Avion" extract to the degree of 99% Jicky, 1% En Avion: I have been wearing this, and all manner of shenanigans have been witnessed. I carry a tiny silver and pyrex refillable vapo in the breast pocket of my blazers at all times. It's Geog Jensen and it looks exactly like a bullet. I've had it, and been using it religiously, for over 25 years. I do re-apply without fail three times over the course of the day, assuming my "day" involves a night on the town, which, lately, the social season having begun and now raging on full throttle, it has. Unlike my previous experiments, whose effects were quite obviously good (the fake Jicky edp, now happily imbibing my handkerchiefs, pockets squares and jacket linings) or an irreversible mess (my ill-fated attempt to do a "dance floor" scent that just smells like black pepper, attracts hard core Irish biker wenches that sling booze for a living and "explodes" when heated) This tiny little invention, thus far undiscussed, one drop of en avion extract in 28ml of Jicky parfum, took days to "discover." I've been relatively silent over the course of the last few weeks, fascinated as I've been by just how radically changed what our man Larimar has christened "En Jicky" is compared to the unaltered, pure parfum. As previously stated, it is still unmistakably jicky--however--there is much, much more going on in there than just a bumped up civet note, as first reported: It just took weeks of applying this daily to mentally connect the dots. Somewhere, on some thread, or on some review, I wrote that caron's fragrances are the only ones that amply carry the banner of the oft misused adjective "Bewitching."
    I believed it then, and I believe it now: There is something very distinctly occult like in all of the caron comps: Something not quite of this world, and just one tiny little drop of en avion into 28ml of Jicky left the poor dear very obviously "Bewitched." So appropriate for Hallowe'en approaching. Some elements/observations of the spell: My current "altered" ink well flacon of Jicky has been the font from which I have refilled my tiny pocket vapo over the course of the last three weeks: I've done nothing else to it--it has sat untouched in the darkness of the right hand drawer of my dressing table. Three times, it has been opened, and three times the same pipette has been dipped into it to refill my pocket vapo. Here is the mystery: If one pocket vapo contains one week's ration of Jicky parfum, roughly 21 sprays, how then could each of these 21 sprays reserve a very special surprise? At first, I thought just the civet had been bumped up: Now, each time I apply it, there's something else that seems to be augmented or brought into the light. Sometimes, Jicky becomes strangely rosy. Other times, she's all lemoned out and beachy, kind of a tanned surf babe, all wind-blown and salty. One time, she was so woody that I barely recognized her. How can this happen? Dr. Redneck, do you have any theories? The best I can muster is that, even though the two are mixed, (I shook the flacon violently once it had been altered) the actual molecules will not marry and are sort of being roomies in that ink-well bottle: Sometimes having nasty rows, like the time I spritzed and felt like I had just farted, but hadn't, other times living a happy communal life, entertaining their girlfriends...oh....get this: One time, there was a no holes barred orgy in there!

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    Default Re: Incestuous mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, immersed

    Speaking of no holes barred orgies, I suppose that sooner or later I shall have to divulge what went down in that drawer. Tight lipped, proper and angular Jicky, now hosting that drop-in austrian trouble maker, with results varying by the day, has not moved from her spot in the corner: The Jicky Hotel has since been depleted of another 3.5ml of its inhabitants which are funneled into the sleek and modern-mobile Georg Jensen Bullet vapo that, over the years, has dispensed liters and liters of Jicky extract onto my neck and wrists. What happened was this: Before checking in to the Jicky Hotel, said Austrian trouble maker secretly left outside an enormous coffin, all covered in lace, hoping Jicky wouldn't notice: Jicky, meanwhile, feels she is just going through a teutonic phase: She's enjoying it, though she imagines that she probably won't make a habit of that tiny drop of en avion. An interesting experiment, though. It will go down in history as her "drug phase." This giant coffin, on the other hand, when opened, reveals a lyre stoppered bottle of Bal a Versailles extract. When the lyre is lifted, the crystal dauber slipped in and applied to the wrist of the usually cool-as-a-cucumber leMDM, all Hell breaks loose, and Jicky, even while hosting her passing fancy, is somewhat appalled: Bal a Versailles? Really?
    You're going to leave me for her? After all these years? And for such a brazen tart? Are you mad? These are the cries that can be heard when the stopper is uncorked and the georg jensen bullet vapo is refilled. LeMDM continues to go about his days wearing Jicky, yet as soon as night falls he's slinking over to the drawer, extracting the coffin, dabbing his wrists with this strange brew, and smoking it like opium. Does anybody here have insights as to how/why such a strange and brazen comp would fascinate leMDM to this extent, leaving him in a kind of trance? Here's what's in the works: Anybody with an opinion, do comment: Mouchoir de Monsieur edt, liberally applied all over, with Bal a Versailles extract dabbed on pulse points: The show starts on All Saints Day. Does anybody have any thoughts about this? I've read all of the threads/reviews on both Mouchoir de Monsieur and Bal a Versailles, but none seem to make the connection: The tiny bit of vintage Mouchoir de Monsieur extract I have seemingly trapped for eternity in a ground glass stoppered 60ml bee bottle was so similar to similar yet, somehow, so radically different....but for some strange reason I think I almost prefer Bal a Versailles (to the vintage Mouchoir de Monsieur extract, which, as it appears, I will never get to as I've tried EVERYTHING to get it uncorked) Am I going mad? Someone phoned a few hours ago: I've been in bed ailing, bored witless. "What are you doing?" they asked. "Watching the Original Norma Shearer "Marie Antoinette" and snorting 'Bal a Versailles'" I said. What next?
    "...a Chacun son Mauvais Gout."

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    Default Re: Incestuous mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, immersed

    The Austrian trouble maker, I heard, has another gem under the radar to offer to le MdM...

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    Default Re: Incestuous mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, immersed

    Someone, (wink) has an inextinguishable thirst for the deepest, most kaleidoscopic compositions perfumery has ever known, most of these, at least those that have survived, are signed "Caron." Personally, I could never quite wrap my head around any of them, with two small exceptions, these two being the innocent "Pour un Homme," what I wore to assert my status as a heartbreaker and a lady killer at the tender age of 16 to 20: To me, having been washed and shampooed and doused in "English Fern," this little "Lavande" seemed so intoxicatingly dangerous to me at the time, so suave, so grown up: To this day, when I smell it, I can still see the skinny blond overly-tall and gangly me, circa 1983, all dressed up in my ankle length over-dyed teal levi's and red fiorrucci boots, sprawled out in all my length in some Parisian nightclub, trying desperately to gain the attentions of my first love, Fabienne: I remember that, at the time, I touchingly believed that the more potently I smelled of this vanilla bomb, the less she would be able to resist my advances. The other one is "Bellogia," again: A simple thing compared to the others, all of which just seem so dense and confusing. Richard Fraysse is doing a splendid job reformulating all of them, in spite of all of the naysayers on this site, few of whom know of the complexities/impossibilities of reblending such masterworks. It's just simply not "a little bit of this. A little bit of that," the perfumer's art is before all else "molecular" and must further be re-approached yearly as components vary according to the crop, very much as they do in winery: Caron, unlike Guerlain, is probably the least preoccupied with sales figures of any of the last great remaining perfume houses, which, tragically, are down now to only two: Guerlain and Caron, and some would argue, one, which naturally would be Caron. There was a time when in France it was said: The best of the best, Patou, Guerlain, Caron, Chanel: in that order. Patou has been utterly destroyed, Chanel is faltering, (witness Chanel Bleu or No19 Poudre) and we needn't re-hash the Guerlain disintegration, we've only to have a whiff of "Guerlain Homme." What's left? Caron, and what we can amass and stockpile in our cellars and caves in the way of vintage sealed flacons, while we can still get them. Many will argue: What of these "Niche" houses, like Serge Lutens? Effectively, there are some lovely comps coming out of them, but none can compare with the density of what we crave, none approach the quality and balance that make a perfume "eternal." Of all this experimentation detailed above, I have come away with this epiphany. I will preface it by saying that previously I never believed in layering or mixing scents one atop the other, as recommended by houses like Jo Malone. What I believe I will swear by in the future is this: "the Bump." The Bump, is a way of using the precious nectars we keep stored in our drawers and closets for posterity, in order that they see the light of day, and make the world more beautiful by releasing their rarefied molecules into our polluted, down-trodden culture of speed. Here are my two recipes. 1. Current Jicky: (I use Jicky from Easter Sunday through All Saints' Day) PDT concentration on my neck, inner elbows, wrists, and middle chest. EDT on my jacket linings and handkerchiefs. Parfum on my neck and wrists: All used liberally, all, including the parfum, sprayed. Once all of this is dryed, a "Bump" of En Avion extract--just a dab--one on each wrist, and one on each side of my neck. 2. Current Mouchoir de Monsieur: (I use Mouchoir de Monsieur from All Saints' Day to Easter Sunday) EDT concentration sprayed all over everything: My whole body, my jacket linings, my hair, my handkerchiefs, just everywhere, "Madame Souzatska" style. Once this is dry, the tiniest "Bump" of Bal a Versailles extract on wrists and either side of my neck. Somehow, these "Bumps" restore the former glory of the Guerlain comps, all gone missing since Monsieur Guerlain "left the building" and that new one stepped in. It has taken me so much effort and the very strange coincidence of "someone" (wink) "somehow" (wink) figuring out, blessed as he is with "some strange power" (wink) that for which I secretly longed without ever having even met me: Thus the power of Basenotes! All Hail!
    "...a Chacun son Mauvais Gout."

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    Default Re: Incestuous mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, immersed

    lol...Very exquisite! Very entertaining. The BUMP it shall NOW be called.

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    Default Re: Incestuous mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, immersed

    Voila! KCC, Voila! lancez le "bump" dans tout Paris! To arms, Citoyens, La Revolution Arrive! Vive L'Anarchie Oflactive! The day of glory, it has arrived!
    "...a Chacun son Mauvais Gout."

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    Default Re: Incestuous mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, immersed

    This thread will continue on

    The Marriage of Mouchoir de Monsieur

    in "General Fragrance Discussion"
    "...a Chacun son Mauvais Gout."

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    Default Re: Incestuous mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, immersed

    Quote Originally Posted by le mouchoir de monsieur View Post
    . . . the new Jicky Eau de Toilette sprays are, at best, fey and characterless: They almost smell like Jean Nate body splash.
    Excited to try Jicky for the first time, last year I was beyond disappointed when I finally did. All that hype over something that smells like Jean Nate? Yuck! Now I realize there must be a vast difference in the new juice I tested and the original masterpiece.

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    Default Re: Incestuous mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, immersed

    Bump for your enjoyment. Reading this is a good way to spend your Sunday.

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    Default Re: Incestuous mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, immersed

    Thanks for the bump!

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    Default Re: Incestuous mixes: Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur, immersed

    yes indeed, thanks for the bump.
    I had forgotten there was serious discussion of the art of perfumery on this website.
    What a contrast to the current male fragrance forum.

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