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    Default fragrances that match with characters?

    im a huge scent and perfume lover and I enjoy perfumes that match my mood, personality and with what Im wearing or my intrests but I just thought about this =/ what fragrance would match certain characters anime fans are familiar with

    lets start out

    Chi from Chobits,
    she's sweet, clueless, cute, soft and innocent, what kinda frgrance would we all picture her wearing?

    Blair from Soul Eater
    she's a sassy and sexy kitty cat and has the appearance of a witch when Human, she's flirtatious, fun loving and playful, what would would she be wearing?

    Miku Hatsune, a Vocoloid that can sing anything in Engrish

    created by Toyota and has a cute, and futuristic appearance, not much of a personality other then being cute sci-fi/like what would this character wear?

    Princess Peach from Nintendo

    we all know Princess Peach from the super mario brothers
    she's cute, sporty, very cheerful, well mannered, and girly, and of course very princess/like. what kinda fragrance would this princess wear?

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    Default Re: fragrances that match with characters?

    Blair from Soul Eater - Ma Faute

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