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    Default Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    I want a Habit Rouge. Im a vintage and discontinued hunter for sure, but habit rouge (as all guerlains) has WAY TOO MUCH versions, so i will go with the current fomulas.

    Wich ones in terms of longevity, then sillage, THEN smell.

    Ps: Tried Sport, and its gerenic and dont last about nothing. I think L'eau will be the same, but maybe i can be wrong.

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    Default Re: Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    Eau de Parfum
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    Default Re: Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    neither one, just take a pass on habit rouge , you don't want to smell like a bad baby powder!... on the positive side , this fragrance have very classy ads...

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    Default Re: Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    +1 on the eau de parfum.

    The extrait is wonderful if you can find it.

    I like the powdery scent found in many Guerlains.
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    Default Re: Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    +2 on the EDP.

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    Default Re: Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    Im smelling the EDT in my arm right now (from a sample)
    Dont have certain, but i think its the current formulation. Start with a louder lemon, then turn buttery (shalimar? Pour Mounsieur?)
    But not powdery.
    How the edp compares?

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    Default Re: Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    FWIW I could only obtain the EDT, and I'm loving it.

    I wore it recently and my GF, not known for her nose, said I "smelt like a sophisticated musk stick". (She liked it).

    I should explain that musk sticks are lollies (confectionary) here - I sure you have something similar in Brasil.

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    Default Re: Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    IMO Eau de Parfum

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    Default Re: Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    All of the concentrations are different formulations and always have been. I don't care nearly as much for the new watered down Habit Rouge, but it's still better than most things

    The vintage EDC (pre-1999/2000) is definitive Habit Rouge: nimble, focused, and cool as the other side of your pillow. It also has plenty of sillage and longevity, but maybe not for those who are looking for the ridiculous bonbons sold today.

    The flankers aren't really Habit Rouge, and neither is the EDP (vintage or new). It's pleasant enough, made fairly well, sort of a Shalimar structure but less good, but it soon becomes an overly affable, sappy and lactonic thing that's blurry, mushy, and can easily smell like a turd in the wind, or maybe just a pudgy kid that needs a shower. My girlfriend likes animalic fragrances (loves vintage Jicky) but she thinks HR EDP could easily be that turd in the wind. :-) It also never escapes a certain brown-study grimness that isn't even grim. Habit Rouge has always been an intelligent scent, but there's little of it in the EDP. It's popular, though! Especially among non-Habit Rouge lovers. But the complexity, clarity, lively citrus-opopanax contrast, and smoky-earthy-leathery root-like accord, and intelligence of Habit Rouge is non-existent in the EDP.

    -- And I'd hardly call the EDP a "classic" when even SD at Guerlain Paris steers people away from it, and most of the bottles have been sent to the US because it never even sold well in France where HR is still loved by so many.
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    Default Re: Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    +5 on the EdP

    I haven't tried them all, but the EdP really clicked for me. Liked it way betterhan the EdT.

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    Default Re: Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    +6 on the Habit Rouge EdP but I also like the vintage EdP, and current EdP as well. A great Guerlain classic.


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    Default Re: Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    In terms of longevity and sillage both, it seems to me the winner is the EDT; however in terms of smell, the winner by many miles is the EDP.
    I recently bought the EDP blind as I was unable to find a sample. It seems warmer, richer, less powdery, and the screaming lemon from the EDT is dampened way down.

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    Default Re: Wich Habit Rouge? (current formula)

    When people say the EdP is best--I just want to clarify that they mean its "current formulation," i.e. the one in the clear glass bottle, and not the "faux leather" or the beau cavalier EdP.

    For those who have tried both, would you still recommend the most recent formulation of the EdP? And what exactly are the differences (other than lack of oud)?

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