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    Default Chanel No 5 vintage - help wanted

    I have an overwhelming longing to revisit vintage no 5. I have the current EDP which is ok but not a patch on the original. It is very harsh and coarse close up, and doesn't have the buttery smooth finish of the vintage. Nor does it have that heady addictive quality that I always associated with No 5 (especially the parfum).

    So my question is - how do I establish if something is genuinely vintage? There is a minefield out there for the newcomer. There doesn't appear to be any clear cut way of identifying original vs contemporary by means of bottles, which makes it easy with other vintage perfumes. On top of that, this is the most copied of all perfumes.

    I would appreciate it if anyone can help me to narrow the field by any means. This includes reliable sources, ways of distinguishing the old from the new (boxes? bottles?), anything at all.


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    Default Re: Chanel No 5 vintage - help wanted

    Ahem, it's complicated. After a few years of sampling various versions of No.5, I can exactly say if it's vintage and legit. Yes, it needs experience, time and testing. I am too far from you but somebody closer with ability to recognize what exactly you have could help. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Chanel No 5 vintage - help wanted

    No expert on No5 but its the bottle and stopper shape which tells how old No5 is. They change slightly over the years it seems.
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    Default Re: Chanel No 5 vintage - help wanted

    The ebay can offer you the chance to find vintage No5 edp and edt (miniatures of pure parfum) especially the used ones or empty bottles with remaining drops (much cheaper) that you feel secure that they are old editions...
    This way you will explore much easier the endless beauty of a beloved classic scent
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    Default Re: Chanel No 5 vintage - help wanted

    Cloepatra's Boudoir has some good info on vintage Chanel No .5 - this is her spin off site on Chanel .
    Cleopatra's Boudoir is a useful resource for information , I've found .
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    Default Re: Chanel No 5 vintage - help wanted

    yes, the link mimi offered.

    now, compare the picture you have (ebay, photo) with these images and study them carefully, look for any differences. place of the label, size, font, shape of bottle, the box, label and/or embossing under the bottom of the bottle, their relationships (a certain label goes with a certain bottle and box), and so on. sometimes even spelling errors! anything that does not match exactly is likely to be the mark of a fake.

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    Default Re: Chanel No 5 vintage - help wanted

    Thanks to all who replied. I appreciate it greatly. Thanks for the reference to dating Chanel bottles. Most useful Mimi. I feel a little more confident now to tackle the minefield of the vintages.

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