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Thread: Ormonde Jayne

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    Unhappy Ormonde Jayne

    So, I emailed Ormonde Jayne two weeks ago asking if I could purchase samples of Woman, Taíif and Tolu without purchasing the whole pack of 12. They didnít reply, so I sent another email a week later and Iím still waiting for a reply.

    I donít want to purchase the whole sample set because itís too expensive considering how much a FB costs, and Iím only really interested in those three! I would like to buy one or two OJs for my birthday, but obviously I must smell them first to decide and see how much I like them. Iím in the early stages of building a perfume collection

    Has anyone else had this experience with Ormonde Jayne? Their perfumes sound absolutely exquisite (and Taíif sounds like potential HG material). What to do when they donít reply?

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    I am not sure they sell the samples individually anymore? Way back when they first started it was by sample and they are quite large compared to what you normally get.

    I would to be honest phone the store in London(I am not sure where in the world you live?), but actually speaking to someone might get results.

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    Thanks, donna255. I live in Australia, so I hope they email back soon! I wouldn't mind purchasing the sample set if it were say £35, because for 24ml I would expect it to be half the price of the £70 50ml EDPs. At £44 it's absolutely ridiculous.

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    They just replied, and apologised for the delay. Fingers crossed one of them really is my holy grail!

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    Hey there you go. Fingers crossed for you.

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    Really suprised by Ormonde Jayne not answering! The SAs are normally super effecient (& embarrasingly generous!).
    I have been shopping there in the boutique and online for about 5 years now & they haven't slipped up yet. Once...I was sent the wrong 2mls sample & when i pointed this out I was sent a complimentary candle! How great?!
    I don't think they sell the samples individually - when you are in the boutique & have a PErfume Portrait or something they are extremely nice & give you two or three of your favourites.
    Maybe your email went directly to spam? Good luck with Ormonde Woman - just the right time of year for that - I am still hooked on Ormonde Man...

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