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    Default Starting line up help

    I'm getting into this starting line up thing so i know what to purchase next. Just a guideline for myself to follow.

    At the moment, what i own are:

    1) YSL L'Homme

    2) Givenchy Xeryus Rouge

    3) Versace Dreamer

    4) Dunhill Desire Red

    5) Paco Rabanne One Million

    6) Dior Homme

    7) Dior Homme Intense

    Anyone can help me arrange them into this list as follows?

    Signature Scent:

    Work/Office Scent:

    Night-Out Scent:

    Cozy/Close Scent:

    Daring Scent:

    Black Tie Scent:

    I have sorted them in this fashion, but i might be wrong because i'm not really sure where Xeryus Rouge and Dreamer falls but DHI is my signature atm.

    Signature Scent: Dior Homme Intense

    Work/Office Scent: Xeryus Rouge/Versace Dreamer

    Night-Out Scent: YSL L'Homme/Dior Homme

    Cozy/Close Scent: Dunhill Desire/

    Daring Scent: One Million

    Black Tie Scent: Dior Homme Intense

    The reason i choose shorter longevity/sillage for night-outs is because as compared to office/work, times are usually shorter when heading to a club(nobody spends 8 hours at a club and 4 hours at work), and it's usually noisy, so people usually lean in to talk, as such, sillage is not really important.

    I'm planning to buy a few more such as Rochas Man ..etc. Any form of opinion would be appreciated!!
    *considering not to repurchase LHomme and Dior Homme as well since i have 4 backup bottles of DHI and Lhomme doesn't really fancy me (was a gift).

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    Default Re: Starting line up help

    I'm not a fan of most of them, except Dior homme and homme intense, so in your lineup I would use it as much as possible.

    For a daring one, I would consider Breath of God by Lush or Bulgari Black.


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    Default Re: Starting line up help

    Perhaps you might want consider Montale Black Aoud

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    Default Re: Starting line up help

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Perhaps you might want consider Montale Black Aoud
    montale black oud as what kind of scent?

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