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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    As a lover of pure oud oils I've learned to differentiate and appreciate "oud" perfumes from pure oud oil. I can't say any oud perfumes are pure oud dominant. There are some that are really nice and have strong synthetic oud in them. My favorite is Harrods Swarovski which I just got recently in the non-crystal bottle, I bought this directly from the Bond flagship store in New York. Also Dior Leather Oud is nice.
    Oriscent, AgarAura Pure Ouds, Creed, LIDGE, Patou Pour Homme, tons of niche and rare stuff for sale!!!

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Hunter View Post
    Oriscent 3000 pure Borneo Oud oil is the easiest Oud to appreciate from a western perspective.

    As for oud-themed Western fragrances (that may or may not contain actual oud) I'd say try to find Muthhela Agallocha Man which to me stands head and shoulders above the multitudes of barely different Montales that aim to imitate traditional Middle Eastern mukhallats (pefume blends) rather than actual oud. Tom Ford's Oud Wood would be a distant second on my list although I understand that a far less expensive copy of it produced by Surrati can be had for far less. Pue Oud by Killian is neither oud nor pure but misleading name and absurd price aside it's not an unpleasant fragrance.

    I would try and sample both the well-known oud-themed synthetics mentioned on this thread and at least a couple of good pure oud oils like Oriscent Borneo 3000 or Kyara Koutan before settling for a fragrance just because it gets a lot of positive coverage on Basenotes. There have been many threads on oud vs "oud" here over the last few months with a lot of different perspectives and interesting discussions, you may want to do a quick search and check them out - they should prove very helpful in your research.

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Amouage Homage Attar
    Amouage Epic Man
    Amouage Jubilation
    Bond 9 NY Oud
    Montale Black Aoud
    My Top 10

    1. Amouage Homage Attar
    2. Serge Lutens - Muscs Koublai Khan
    3. YSL M7
    4. Serge Lutens - Ambre Sultan
    5. Chanel Egoiste
    6. 24 Gold by Scentstory
    7. Amouage Epic Man
    8. Amouage Jubilation XXV
    9. Bond No. 9 New York Oud
    10. Serge Lutens - Chergui

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Oud27, different, wearable, very raunchy. me likes.

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    im a perfume addictive, and every time i read oud fragrance, i try to run away from it, in fact i would just walk away from the store if they start spraying without asking me.

    to understand the smell of oud essential oil, you will need to try it first, I'm from UAE (Dubai) and i have a great knowledge about oud,amber and musk, i was smelling oud since i was child.

    now, without any introduction, stop buying oud perfumes, we dont have one, the Americans and European start marketing perfumes which contain oud oil. i smelled them all from TOMFORD to other luxury brands looking and trying to feel the smell of oud scent in them but in fact they couldn't come close to it.

    if you enter a shop that sells oud oil, he will show 10 or maybe more of OUD oil and i will guid you to understand the smell of oud , i will try not to be long.

    types of oud have different types of country Indonesia - Thailand - India maybe other country but i will only mention the best.

    now india they got different part cities that have oud and smell different than another city in india same as other countries

    the best oud oil you can get will be from india, in most of our people opinion due to the quality of oud smell its the best,

    Indian oud got many variety:

    1-Seyofi oud oil (( light smell of oud )) mostly used here.

    2- cambodia oud oil (( strong powerfull smell )) which we avoid

    3- QADEEM oud oil (( which is oud oil that have been site for long period of time, the more the oud oil have been stored the more the smell of oud oil will become sweety woody and more powerfull in good way unlick cambodia ))

    4- QADEEM QADEEM ((which have been sit /stored for longer period than the QADEEM ))

    Qadeem is an Arabic word for OLD , as i mention the older the oud sit or stored the more expensive it get, there is a oud oil that have been stored for 100 years and its really expensive its rare to find.

    now the stores that sells it mostly in london if u live in europe but i will need you to check out the stores which are authentically sells you a real oud oil and to contact them if they got a store in america, you might find it on ebay but they use different words like Premium oud oil from ajmal store so i get confused with the original name that the store use.




    remmber there are good cheap oud which i recommend you not to buy, and the expensive once which i buy.

    AJMAL store : get the QADEEM QADEEM oud oil thats my favorite. cost 230 dollars for 3 ml

    OUD oil have really different layers when you put it, it stand alone in perfumes oil, all you need is 1 one drop for the whole day, for the first 1 hour you will smell the strong scent , and as it get lighter , by time the oud will show you layers of scent.

    i try to mix oud oil in many perfumes but it break the justice of oud note layesr with other scents, i just couldn't add oud oil in perfumes any more.

    so use your favourite perfume and put a drop of oud oil behind your ears.. thats the way of how to wear oud oil.

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Hi & welcome, khalifation!

    Thank you for the info.

    We have an Oud Group here where there are many other members with information on sourcing (and discussing) genuine oud oils.

    Maybe you'd like to check it out?

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Quote Originally Posted by boosh View Post
    Black Aoud is the only one for me.
    Plus One!)

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    I've come realize is not about whose Aoud is more dominant but most refined, elegant , opulent and best accommodating in a composition with other competing notes : it's like a star athlete that has the strongest offensive and defensive moves but occasionally will let particular role players shine here and there to make the team better but nevertheless the team revolves around the star(Aoud). IMHO Aoud by Roja Dove
    first and Amber Aoud following closely in second!

    3.Oud Wood

    4.Royal Oud (Very discreet take)

    5. ????
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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    MFK Cashmere Mood & Velvet Mood
    Also Zafar and Gao from Xerjoff

    I don't think the others do a great job of making an Oud dominant fragrance. That's why I've ended up with pure oud oils.

    Refined oud scents I like; Armani's take on Oud.
    Some of the Amouage line are good too, Jubilation & Epic.

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    I enjoy LM Parfums take on it in their Parfum Extrait - Black Oud

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    +1 for Leather Oud

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    TF Oud Wood
    M7 absolute

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Xerjoff Najaf

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Quote Originally Posted by noggs View Post
    M. Micallef Homme (also known here simply as Aoud) is another good one. It is Euro-oud, but made in more of a Middle Eastern style than most.
    A resounding extra vote for this one. Love it. One of the only commercial aoud-centric frags that is dry enough for me. The rose note in it is incredibly elegant. Gender-spanning, but Micallef was on-target naming this "Homme" - on the right man, this will make it difficult to dig your nose out of his neck.

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Right now for me it's Amouage Epic Man, though I'm looking forward to finally trying some pure oud oils.

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Fahrenheit Absolute is nice and dark oud scent. Imo the oud may not be too dominating, or else it spoils the fragrance.
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    YSL Jazz (vtg) (Jean-Franois Latty, 1988)
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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Dior Leather Oud

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Body Shop Amber OUD and Rose OUD

    Darn good, fit my budget -cost me $20 each, and essentially NO one has them (in the US)

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Black aoud.

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Armani Prive Oud Royal
    Seasonal favorites:

    1. Xerjoff - Nio
    2. Creed - Aventus
    3. Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver
    4. The Different Company - De Bachmakov
    5. Dior - Homme Sport 2008
    6. Montale - Aoud Legacy
    7. Creed - Virgin Island Water
    8. by Kilian - Straight to Heaven
    9. Creed - Original Cologne
    10. Clive Christian - 1872 for Men

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    At the risk of self promotion, I really do feel that my oud is the best one out there. There is more information under Brooklyn Perfume Company on this site.

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    While I'm at it, I need help understanding the basenotes edict against self promotion. At the same time I want people to know about my company (Brooklyn Perfume Company), but I don't want to break any rules. I'd like to post comments under sandalwood, oud, musk, and amber (fossilized)l.

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    I haven't smelled a lot but out if the ones I've smelled I would say MFK-Oud is by far my favorite.
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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    I have many favorites, MFK does some very nice oud based scents and does Xerjoff. One often overlooked and a favorite that I discovered just last year is Perris Monte Carlo Imperial Oud (black). Worth a sniff if searching for a western oud perfume.
    Some Favorites
    1. Amouage Epic man
    2. Dior Leather Oud
    3. Perris Monte Carlo Oud Imperial Black
    4. Le Labo Patchouli 24
    5. Amouage Opus VII
    6. Byredo Bullion
    7. Masque Milano Russian Tea

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    Bond no.9 NY oud
    Nasomotto Pardon
    Bond No.9 Andy Warhol

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    Default Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    While not necessarily the best, Royal Oud dello Yemen by Tesori d'Oriente is definitely among the better affordable oud fragrances

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