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    Default Re: Why fragrances don't last on my skin ?

    im gonna bump this cause i have the samee problems:

    I have 1 Million and Le Male and they both project for about 30-45 minutes and then stay with me for like another 10-12 hours.. but you gotta sniff really hard/close to smell it...

    i came to several conclusions: i have dry-ish skin and it is the winter time here... also.. i normally have a low body temperature: 96.8 instead of the normal 98.6 and that may be a factor. Also, since I am working out, my diet is of high protein and not too many fruits and vegetables...

    I think that I am going to change my diet and spray my clothes as well and hopefully that will do the trick

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    Default Re: Why fragrances don't last on my skin ?

    I too have issues with this. My skin could oddly be classified as dry/oily sensitive skin, changing drastically with the weather.
    In dry cold weather (right now), my skin becomes very dry and even cracks, with an oily top too it (weird I know). I also will break out into eczematous rashes this time of year if I use the wrong lotions or my skin gets too dry. When my skin gets like this, it will eat any fragrance I throw at it. I also have food sensitivities.

    My only solution is to work out in the mornings which keeps my body temp up for the most of the day. Good diet may also play a role. Right out of shower I use Arbonne unscented body lotion (one of the few lotions that does not cause a reaction on my skin). About 10 minutes after that I can apply any frag and have them project properly.

    I've never tried to apply lotion after application of a frag, I may try this out.

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    Default Re: Why fragrances don't last on my skin ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Roper-Hall View Post
    the more acidic your skin, the more quickly a fragrance dissipates.
    As a jeweler, this makes perfect sense to me. People who have acidic skin also oxidize their jewelry. Their silver will turn black on their skin, basemetals will turn green, etc.

    So it would be logical that skin chemistry could also oxidize fragrance. Drinking coffee, alcohol, and eating processed food creates acidic body chemistry.

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    Default Re: Why fragrances don't last on my skin ?

    I had this problem and it went away, I don't really know how...but I think it was a combination of olfactory fatigue, and dry skin.

    Try spraying your hand right before you go to bed, then smelling it in the morning. If you still can I would have to say it's partially olfactory fatigue. Also, I feel like as you get used to the scent you start understanding what you're smelling and you can identify it longer (if that makes any sense) Finally I also tried jojoba oil to moisterize my skin after a shower and it definitely didn't hurt my results, also it's scentless. Might sound crazy, but try to apply less, it might make it last longer to you, as an inital very intense smell will weaken the following smells, or try not to over smell yourself during the opening. One last thing to try is have someone else smell you when you can't, see if it's actually your skin eating the fragrance or just your nose.

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