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    Default Not much time left

    Greetings and Salutations,

    I stumbled upon Basenotes while searching the web for information about making perfume.


    My deepest appreciation to Mr. Grant Osborne for developing a wonderful website for those who value the simplistic complications of the olfactory process.

    I am very new to the whole appreciation-hobby of wearing fragrances and my interest was peaked when I purchased a frag (Creed-Love in White) for my wife, who enjoys wearing perfume. I love the way she smells. Yes it attracts me, makes me smile, and leaves memory's of her presence when we are apart, if that makes sense?

    I myself have never had the inclination or real desire to wear perfume, it did not mix well with my occupation of operating heavy equipment. Diesel, smoke, grease, sweat, dirt, attitude,etc.

    But all of that has changed. I have retired due to a life threatening disease and find myself wanting to enjoy the fine things in life with my wife. I do not know how much time I have left, it's scary, yet a revelation in what I want to accomplish before I am gone.

    I have lurked here for a week and have read many posts that have brought my understanding of perfume to a new level. Things I did not know, such as Top, Middle, and Base Notes of the modern perfumes. Accords and how they are used. The process a professional perfumer undertakes to develop new scents. The subjectivity of the pleasures of one person liking a particular perfume, while another abhors the same perfume. The analogies of music and art to describe perfume in all of its nuisances.
    My frag education has begun, my love for perfume is growing the more I learn.

    My goal is to not get crazy buying fragrances (I could be lying to myself?) I do wish to try my hands and nose at perfumery as a hobby and try to develop a fragrance formula for my wife that she can enjoy after I leave this world. A lofty goal, but it will be a fun activity to do with my wife. She has hinted that she loves the smell of Spanish Broom and Fresh Linen (her admission of time spent at her Grandmother's house) and those are wonderful memories for her. What could be better than to give my wife those memories in a bottle, made by us together? I have already purchased perfumer's alcohol from Snowdrift farms, obviously an ingredient common to most perfumes, and will purchase a bottle of essence of Broom shortly. Any suggestions as to where to purchase an exquisite essence or absolute appreciated! It's a start!

    I also would like a mentor (if this is possible?) to help me understand how the splits or decants work. Looks like a more economical way to get and try a variety of the worlds best perfumes. PM if interested.

    I have rambled long enough. I just did not want to lurk here anymore. Thanks everyone for sharing your knowledge and enjoyment of perfume with a novice. It is greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Not much time left

    Welcome and enjoy being an active participant!

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    Default Re: Not much time left

    Welcome! I'm glad you found your way to Basenotes.

    Info on how splits are carried out in the BN marketplace can be found here:

    Non-split decants can be swapped but not sold here; information is found here:

    There is a sticky/stickies at the top of each of the Marketplace boards with the rules.

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    Welcome with much warmth !!!
    Petty small minded people have no place in my life.
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    Default Re: Not much time left

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    I think your idea of creating a scent for your wife is lovely. You might want to ask some questions about perfume making in the DIY section/forum. Someone there may have more info/leads for you to follow.

    I think we were all lurkers here at one point . Glad you joined in!

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    Default Re: Not much time left

    Welcome to basenotes!

    Discover my Guest Reviewer Of The Day here

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    Default Re: Not much time left

    Welcome aboard, Larry
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    Default Re: Not much time left

    Welcome Larry!!. You express yourself wonderfully! I look forward, with interest, to reading more of your thoughtful posts.

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    Default Re: Not much time left

    Welcome to Basenotes Larry!

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    Default Re: Not much time left

    Larry, first of all welcome. I'm sorry to hear about your health problems since it sounds serious.

    If you want, I can send you some samples to try. Just let me know.

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    Default Re: Not much time left

    Very sorry to hear your news but glad it brought you here.I think you'll find a lot of knowledge and friendship to fulfill you.As far as mentoring is concerned,don't even worry about that-most Basenoters are happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.I have found it helps to nail down your own tastes,so that you can get recommendations from like-minded perfume lovers.Good luck&welcome,Larry!
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    Default Re: Not much time left

    Warmest welcome, Larry! Let me know if you would like some samples. I would be more than happy to help out with your adventure. I will update my wardrobe, and although it's limited, I hope something catches your eye.

    All the best,

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