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    Default Allure or J'Adore

    Hi all,

    Which of the two, Allure EDP or J'Adore EDP yells rich bitch? Which one smells more expensive and which one is the classiest?

    THX <3 C

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    Default Re: Allure or J'Adore

    Quote Originally Posted by mademoiselle-c View Post
    Which of the two, Allure EDP or J'Adore EDP yells rich bitch? Which one smells more expensive and which one is the classiest?
    Have you smelled them yourself? What do you think?

    l am not familiar with J'Adore, but l think Allure is definitely classy.
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    I prefer Allure of the two but really,these are both so commonly available for sampling,I'd give them both thorough testings before a purchase if I were you.J'Adore leaves me cold,though the Mr. likes it(we often disagree!)-and Chanel is hard to beat for shouting "I'm wearing expensive perfume!".

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    I must say neither. Allure has sharp florals and dusty Hershey chocolate base that could pass for suitably bitchy (but not rich and not particularly classy). J'adore sweet florals don't seem to convey either ideas. I read there's a special J'Adore made with better quality ingredients, but I have never smelled it.

    Other Chanels seem to convey the idea of bitchiness (Chanel no 19, Cristalle) or wealth (Bois des Isles, Cuir de Russie edt).


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    Funny you should say that about Allure, Cacio. When I first wore SJP Covet it reminded me of Allure for some reason, in the drydown. Perhaps it was the citrus/chocolate/amber combination.

    Mademoiselle-c, I think you should look at 24 Faubourg or First. I don't know whether they qualify as "bitchy" but they both smell expensive. And really, really good!

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