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Thread: Using fingers?

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    Question Using fingers?

    I have always used brushes for makeup, but this year I have red about makeupartist using their fingers to put on eyeshadows and lipsticks. As I am interested in different techniques, I have tried it, and I am actually quite fond of it, as it gives a different result.

    Anyone else tried this? Reflections?

    How about hygiene? Is using fingers to destroy your makeup-items, or do they stay fresh?
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    Default Re: Using fingers?

    I always use my fingers to apply eyeshadow. I think it blends easier and gives me great control over the amount of color ... I've never had a problem with freshness either, but I usually wash my hands anyway before applying makeup.

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    I only use my fingers to blend tinted moisturiser , foundation and highlighters. I wash my hands before and after doing so . I use brushes for eye make up - out of habit more than anything else .
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    I use my fingers for foundation, eyeshadow, often for lipstick too. Brushes for eyeliner, and sometimes a sweep of eyeshadow on top of what's been smudged on with fingers. Yes I like better the sheer watercolor effect of appyling dark colored eyeshadow with fingers, it seems to work better as I get older and can't really rock the dramatic makeup so much anymore.

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    I use my fingers to put on the lid color since I can usually really pack the color on my lid. I use my fingers to blend my concealor and sometimes my foundation. But I do prefer my brushes to blend shadow. You just can't do it correctly with fingers. Packing color, yes, blending, not so much. But be sure to wash fingers and DRY them completely because some eyeshadows catch water and damage easily.

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    I only use fingers for blending concealer. You use too much product with eyeshadow and waste. A brush only picks up a small amount your fingers much more. Just look at the testers in store the big dents is fingers rubbing the products. Oh and your fingers will have a certain amount of natural oils which will transfer to the powder products.

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    For a bit of concealer, and liquid foundation, yes. So much easier and more fail safe, at least since I rarely use it. Now I haven't gotten to look like a visual-kei band member yet either so....

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    Default Re: Using fingers?

    Brushes all the way with me.......NARS mainly. That way I don't look *over done*.
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    I use fingers for blending creamy things, and brushes for for powders. I never got into the habit of using a concealer/foundation brush. I like disposable sponges or my fingers. I'm too lazy to wash the brush each time I use it, and I'm usually in a hurry to get out the door. Yes, dipping your fingers into the pots risks bacteria contamination, so they say, but I don't worry much about it. I just make sure I wash my hands before and after. I use Q-tips for some little pots of cream to keep them clean. If it's a product that's pretty old, I just ditch it to be safe. Use it or lose it is my philosophy.
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    I just can't get on with foundation brushes so I use my fingers, I use a concealer brush for undereyes but finger for other areas that need concealer. Sometimes I use my fingers for eyeshadow but I find the natural oils in skin cake the shadow.

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    Most of the time I use fingers to apply my own makeup; brushes on my customers. I might finish some blending with my fingers, but I try to do that only with models, not with private customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadesofbleu View Post
    I always use my fingers to apply eyeshadow. I think it blends easier and gives me great control over the amount of color ... I've never had a problem with freshness either, but I usually wash my hands anyway before applying makeup.
    I also did so in the time of eye shadow, but I will maintain the length of the nail, do not make it too long, or it may hurt the eyes.

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