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Thread: Gucci 2

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    Default Gucci 2

    Hey folks,

    This is some great stuff no matter how much you spray, I agree projection can be somewhat better but 5-8 hours longevity is not bad for such a light scent. Do you think this is in danger of being discontinued? Is it a good seller?


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    Hey Nick,

    From what I understand, based on this thread, Gucci does plan to discontinue Gucci Pour Homme II. Just to be sure, I'd stock up because it is a really good fragrance, and it's unique too. In fact, it used to be my favorite fragrance back when I was in high school a few years ago.

    Stock up now just in case!

    Aramis New West (preferably old bottle)
    Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland
    Azzaro Aqua
    Gloria by Cacharel

    PM me if you have bottles that you're willing to sell or trade!

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    I just bought this yesterday and it is my SOTD. And I agree it stays close to the skin but I love the smell. It's the only fragrance I have where I can get away with spraying six or seven times and not overwhelm my senses.
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    Yeh you can literally dump this fragrance on you and it still smells amazing, Ive gotten noticed wearing it but it was when I got hugs from women, there is literally zero sillage with this one. Thank you for the info...

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    I actually Just tried this Frag for the first time last night. I had a sample of it and wore it out for the evening. Believe it or not I didnt have a problem with projection and while It smells good I dont think its for me. I enjoy the tea note but its not as sexy as I would like it to be.

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    I'll admit I've only strip tested this but if I were to go tea I'd just go with Tea For Two.
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    Default Re: Gucci 2

    I think it's a very nice scent and for those who don't yet have it, I hope it won't be discontinued.

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    Default Re: Gucci 2

    Gucci 2 is the one to wear when you want to create the impression that you aren't wearing anything, really the last thing I look for in a fragrance. Plus I already have Bulgari pour Homme in this capacity and like that better even though I very rarely find myself in a situation where I wear it

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    i am just starting to get to like it. I dont think anybody really knows when things will be discontinued, or if discontinuation is a permanent thing. i wouldnt be surprised to see it go off the main rack in the dept stores, looks a bit lonely without gucci pour homme there, and all the other bottles look related to each other. that said I'd take II over anything else from their current range

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    Default Re: Gucci 2

    probably the best tea from a designer, hope they don't axe it.

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    Default Re: Gucci 2

    Quote Originally Posted by PuddleMonkey View Post
    probably the best tea from a designer, hope they don't axe it.
    Man, Dimi (Sorcery of Scent) got word that it IS getting axed. Very hard to find already in these parts. Stock up if you don't have a bottle.

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    Default Re: Gucci 2

    I love it! It's like a poor man's Tobacco Vanille

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    Default Re: Gucci 2

    This is a great scent. The scent itself I would rate probably 2-3 positions above my #2 favorite scent. anyhow, i get ok longevity on this 6-8hrs and many compliments, without anyone necessarily being on top of my neck.

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