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    Question Help - for incense fragrances

    I have recently started a new business of fragrance manufacturing in india specifically for incense purpose, my fragrances are fine while smelling on blotters. i.e Top notes are fine , overall harmony of the blend is also there, but what they lag is diffusion i.e i often get complaints that they are not effective while burning on incense. What kind of raw materials can be added to make overall blend more diffusive and effective while burning with incense sticks.

    Thanks for any sort of help!!!

    One more thing is there any chemical which can make a fragrance blend soluble in DEP (Di Ethyl Phthalate) aswell as Mineral Oil (LLP)

    Thanks once again.

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    Default Re: Help - for incense fragrances

    This cannot be answered on the main forum but you may wish to pose this question for the DIY forum, since they have more experience with raw materials.
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