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    Question Incense fragrances

    I have recently started a new business of fragrance manufacturing in india specifically for incense purpose, my fragrances are fine while smelling on blotters. i.e Top notes are fine , overall harmony of the blend is also there, but what they lag is diffusion i.e i often get complaints that they are not effective while burning on incense. What kind of raw materials can be added to make overall blend more diffusive and effective while burning with incense sticks.

    Thanks for any sort of help!!!

    One more thing is there any chemical which can make a fragrance blend soluble in DEP (Di Ethyl Phthalate) aswell as Mineral Oil (LLP)

    Thanks once again.

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    I'm afraid I can't help much as incense is outside my area of expertise, however in a liquid fragrance you would normally use any of a number of aroma chemicals to improve diffusion: hedione is a classic of the kind.

    Solubility isn't an easy one either - DEP is a widely used solvent for aroma chemicals so many will be soluble in it anyway. If something isn't then you might try a co-solvent such as DPM (dipropylene glycol mono methyl ether) however I've no idea what that might do in the context of incense.

    Hopefully someone with better chemistry knowledge can help . . .
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    It sounds to me that your incense may be burning too quickly.Have you tried using bamboo juice in your creations to slow the burning down a bit? Slower burn will heat more essential oils on the stick, therefore releasing more fragrance before burning. Worth a shot, but I am no expert in incense creation.
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