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    Default Diluting rich Agarwood/Oud


    I hope I am posting this in the right place. I choose Just Starting Out, because I am generally still new to Agarwood, and am learning about it's many facets. I am also new to this site, and this will be my first post.
    I recently purchased a $180 dollar bottle of proportedly Vintage 1968 Cambodian Oud (3cc). It is a rather strong and potent version of Agarwood. I would describe it as being very terpene and fecal. But, still quite pleasantly spicy and woodsy. But, it's hard to find ways of enjoying it by itself. It seems to retain it's terpentine qualities, which I don't really enjoy. Same with the barnyard like scent. So, I was wondering what I could use to dilute the oil, or what type of carrier oil I should use, so that I can wear it or use it in a diffuser. Any suggestions??

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Diluting rich Agarwood/Oud

    Hi there anatta,

    Try using fractionated coconut oil, as it seems to have an indefinite shelf life, and also happens to be scentless.
    I guess you could use DPG as well.

    Do you think dilution would eliminate the turpiness? Or could it be that the turpiness inherently part of the scent profile of the oil (in other words diluting wouldn't really help)?

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    Default Re: Diluting rich Agarwood/Oud

    hello tahasyed,
    Thank you for your advice. I actually came upon another here, that had purchased vintage oud with the same turpentine/barnyard notes and he didn't have any success with fractionated coconut oil and he tried other things as well, with no success. He got it from the same supplier. So, I'm guessing it might be from the same batch, as well.
    I was hoping there would be someway of eliminating the terpentine notes and the strong barnyard notes from this oil. But, I think your doubts are correct. I don't think diluting it would get rid of those unwanted notes. Now, I'm just making more educated purchases, from now on.
    Thank you for your suggestions.

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