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    Question Need help finding previous fragrance I owned

    My first bottle of cologne was Polo Black, when I was roughly 13
    A friend of my dad's gave it to me and told me I needed to smell good for the ladies and to stand out from the other guys, needless to say I may have used a tad too much at first but I'm glad he gifted me it!

    I never used anything after that bottle ran out. Only until last year when I turned 18 and owned a Debit Card did I finally receive the impulse to buy an approximately $70 bottle of eau-de-toilette at some mall in San Diego. It was square with slightly rounded edges, a plastic but chromed ball cap, and the name eludes me but it might have had something to do with a number in the seventies (71?) and the name could have been french. I forget if it was a special edition or limited edition. The fragrance I was going for was definitely a fresh scent, minty was my key word. I was dead-set on Armani Code but they didn't have any in stock. So they recommended the one who's name I cannot think of and Lacoste Booster.

    PS: I managed to buy fake Armani Code for real cheap and ended up throwing it away... Great way to kick off my Basenote fame Hahaha
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    Default Re: Need help finding previous fragrance I owned

    What color was the bottle? See if you can find it using this tool:

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    Default Re: Need help finding previous fragrance I owned

    Thank you very much for that website! I still have yet to pinpoint the bottle.

    The color was a light blue, almost baby blue. The nozzle was centered and the cap was similar to Amaris Always and the bottle looked like a tall Azzaro.
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    Default Re: Need help finding previous fragrance I owned

    I feel stupid... After constantly trying to figure out what cologne it was I finally figured it out while driving to school thinking of "Hipster Hitler" comics and for some reason the name Göritz popped in my mind and then I remembered the name was similar to Linux so combine the two and you get... LINITZ! Hahaha

    Well, I thought of the name before I realized that I reviewed it on Amazon Hahaha and so yes, my review is indeed there and I feel even dumber now!

    Now, I'll make another thread to find similar fragrances but you're welcome to respond here too!
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