Dear Basenoters,

I'm new to the site but have watched a lot of reviews on youtube and want to start a collection.

My priority at the moment is finding a scent that is good for work in the fall and winter, and I hope you can give me some tips on this.

I've tried a few things:

Boss Bottled and Chanel Allure Homme (original): something about these two (they remind me of each other with Allure having better longevity/more of this certain something) rubs me the wrong way--I think it is the strong pepper notes but I'm not too sure.

YSL L'homme: I like this scent but the projection and longevity are rather weak on my skin. It is inoffensive though which is a positive, perhaps a bit too boring though even for work.

YSL La Nuit de l'homme: I really enjoy this scent and like that it's longevity is a lot better than the original YSL L'homme. I'm not sure if it is too much for the office though.

Dior Homme (original): really not too sure what to make of this, I don't mind it but don't love it either.

Terre d'Hermes: I just turned 25 so I'm a bit young for this I think. I think this scent is a bit too mature for me for daily wear, and maybe less than office perfect.

Burberry London: I agree with a lot of reviewers that this is better for outdoors or holiday events, not really great for work, also has longevity issues

Any thoughts or suggestions would be really appreciated.

Thanks everyone!