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    Default hugo for men by hugo boss

    Hi guys,

    I recently smelled the hugo for men by hugo boss (this is the flask type bottle with a green fabric flap holding the lid to the bottle) and I was wondering if anyone has had any exoperiences with this fragrance and what is your opinion on the lasting power and sillage?
    When I got my sample if this scent it was really impressive how strong it was and how long it lasted, but this fragrance has never been given the name of a high sillage fragrance or a particularly powerful scent from the research I have been doing.

    Any advice?
    Thanks so much for any help!

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    Default Re: hugo for men by hugo boss

    i have a bottle of this. its also my dads signature ATM. Last powering and great and it projects FAR.
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    Default Re: hugo for men by hugo boss

    Strong almost to the point of being overpowering, so no worries about longevity and projection of this scent

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    Default Re: hugo for men by hugo boss

    I love Hugo Boss clothing! One of my favorit brands. Stylish, sophisticated and smart. It`s a pity Hugo Boss doesn`t manage to transfer some of that into their fragrances.. I`m not a fan of their fragrances, apart from the original no.1. That`s a fragrance with character!

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    Default Re: hugo for men by hugo boss

    i actually like this as well. i never sniffed this in the 90's when it came out.

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    Default Re: hugo for men by hugo boss

    Quote Originally Posted by Oslo-Fjord View Post
    I'm not a fan of their fragrances
    Same here.

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    Default Re: hugo for men by hugo boss

    This was actually the first fragrance I purchased for myself when I was in high school so it holds a considerable amount of nostalgic value to me in addition to being a great fragrance. This is one that was widely popular at the time I purchased it ~10 years ago but the popularity seems to have diminished a bit (at least that's my perception) as I don't hear about it as often as I used to and don't see it being pushed in stores. It's not going to be a fan favorite on this board, a lot of people are going to point it out smells synthetic or just dismiss it being a Hugo Boss fragrance, but sillage and longevity on this fragrance are not an issue (although a lot of people are not a fan of the midnotes/basenotes). It's a major compliment getter so if you like it, I'd recommend a purchase as you can find a bottle for very cheap on Amazon or even buy a 6.7oz bottle for $46 if you're a Costco member.

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