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    Default MonkeyBars' Swap Thread - Bottles and Samples WORLDWIDE

    Hey you! Welcome to my groovy swap thread. I'm excited to exchange stuff that you'll like for stuff I'll like. Everybody wins! I don't mind shipping internationally. Let's work out a deal - Paypal or Bitcoin only.

    I keep the bottles refrigerated and they are in good condition. They come with boxes unless otherwise noted. I only use glass atomizers/containers for decants.

    I am keeping this list up to date at all times by editing the original post. I will reply to the thread when fragrances are added or other things are changed.

    My wanted list is at bottom, though it's not complete. I favor green, masculine fragrances that ain't sweet or leathery; check my wardrobe for examples of things I like, and things that sound interesting which I haven't tried yet (my test list). I will also trade for backups of most of the bottles in my wardrobe. I am open to various swaps, so PM me if you think I might be interested or if you have questions about the more obscure fragrances for swap, etc.

    Also check out my sale thread here.



    Breath of God - Lush 95% of 0.4oz solid perfume stick (concentrated)

    Exceed - New Brand - 100ml, sprayed once (decent Fahrenheit knockoff)

    Monsieur Leonard - 90% of 100ml, no box or cap

    Park Royal - Crown - 50ml, sprayed twice DISCONTINUED

    Rogue - Beverly Hills Polo Club - 99% of 100ml (dry woody tobacco)

    Sir Irisch Moos VINTAGE 1970s - 75ml, sprayed once, no box DISCONTINUED

    Victor Original Cologne - 100ml, worn once DISCONTINUED


    Antidote - VC&A (7 ml)
    Bogner Man (3 ml)
    Brussels Sprouted (2 ml)
    Calandre - Paco Rabanne (2 ml)
    Couture - Halston (3 ml)
    D&G Masculine - Dolce & Gabbana (2 ml)
    Jaipur pH EdP - Boucheron (2.5 ml)
    Man III - Jil Sander
    New York Musk - Bond No 9 (6 ml)


    Anice - Etro - 3 ml
    Bonte's Bloom - Honore des Pres - up to 10 ml
    Eau de Cologne - Claudie Pierlot - 3 ml
    Eau de Lalique - 22 ml
    Encre Noire pH - Lalique - 4 ml
    Envy for Men* - Gucci
    Epicea - Creed - 10 ml
    Fahrenheit - Dior - 6 ml
    Fahrenheit vintage* - Dior
    Helmut Lang EdC - 12 ml
    Iss - Laura Tonatto - up to 10 ml
    Jaguar Mark II*
    Jaipur EdP - Boucheron - 2 ml
    Jewel - M. Micallef - 2 ml
    Jicky vintage EdC* - Guerlain
    Kenzo pH Boisée - 2 ml
    Kingdom - Alexander McQueen - 2 ml
    Moss - Zents - 1.5 ml
    Patou pour Homme - 1ml
    Premier Figuier - L'Artisan Parmumeur - 1.5ml
    R de Revillon - 2 ml
    Racine - MPG - 4 ml
    Sycomore - Chanel - up to 20 ml
    Trefle Pur - Atelier - up to 20 ml
    Xeryus vintage* - Givenchy
    Zino vintage* - Davidoff

    Carded / Official Samples

    Aigner Black
    Arcana - Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
    Baldessarini - Hugo Boss (.75 ml)
    Ban Zai - Ayala Moriel (1.75 ml)
    By Night - Profumi del Forte (.75 ml)
    Byredo - Baudelaire (1.5 ml)
    Cefiro - Floris (.5 ml)
    Dark Wave - Olo
    Eau de Lacoste Rouge
    Eau Sauvage Extreme intense (new version) - Dior
    Embruns d'Essaouira - Montale (1 ml)
    Foret - Olo
    Gaucho - Ayala Moriel (1.75 ml)
    Indulgence - Joanne Bassett (all natural)
    Inis - Fragrances of Ireland
    Johri - Ava Luxe (.75 ml)
    Kiss for Men
    Love's Torments - Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
    Quelque Fleurs Royale - Houbigant
    Shalimar - Guerlain
    Spicebomb - Victor & Rolf

    Unofficial Samples (0.5 - 1 ml)

    Alliage/Aliage - Estee Lauder
    Aromatics Elixir - Clinique
    Bobby Jones Cologne - Bobby Jones
    Carven Homme
    Chaleur d’Animale - Animale
    Cool Water - Davidoff
    Deauville pour Homme - Michel Germain
    Eau des Merveilles - Hermes
    Eau Illuminee - DelRae
    F by Ferragamo Free Time
    His Cologne - D.R. Harris
    G-11 - Il Profumo
    Indulgence - JoAnn Bassett
    Jazz - YSL
    Loewe para Hombre
    Madrigal - Molinard
    Magnolia Romana - Eau d'Italie
    Memoire d'Homme - Nina Ricci
    New York - Parfums de Nicolai
    Old Spice Lime - Shulton VINTAGE
    Pheromone for Women - M. Miglin
    Popy Moreni
    Rive Gauche pH - YSL
    Rose Poivree - The Different Company
    Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Homme
    Sienna - Crabtree & Evelyn (1.5 ml)
    Silver Mark - Jack Black
    Sous le Vent - Guerlain
    Sport Field - Adidas
    Town & Country - Crown
    Vanilla Cuir - M. Micallef
    Vetiver de Java - Il Profumo
    Eau de Vetyver - Rocher
    Zero Plus - Diesel

    *These rare decants will probably only be traded for the frags listed below.


    Interested In (bottles or decants)

    Alpona - Caron (vintage probably)
    Bull's Blood - Imaginary Authors
    Eau des Iles - MPG (vintage only)
    Invasion Barbare - MDCI
    Linfedele 1003 - O'Driu
    Sublime - Jean Patou (vintage only)
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    Default Re: MonkeyBars' Swap Thread - Bottles and Samples WORLDWIDE

    Hi this is Wild Gardener. Ive got carded sample of Eau de gentain Blanche, swop you for New York?

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    Default Re: MonkeyBars' Swap Thread - Bottles and Samples WORLDWIDE

    No thanks WG.

    In future, PM me those interested!
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    Default Re: MonkeyBars' Swap Thread - Bottles and Samples WORLDWIDE


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