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    Default my signature scent was discontinued (MAC MV2)


    It is with desperation that I turn to this forum to help me in my quest to find a close replacement for my signature scent that has been discontinued. It was MAC MV2 - I ran out of my last bottle and went to buy a new bottle, only to find out they completely discontinued it!

    For those of you unfamiliar with MAC MV2 - it basically smelled like vanilla and milk, but from the description: "top notes are and amalfi lemon; middle notes are lavender; base notes are vanilla and heliotrope"

    I really liked it because there is a "no scents" policy (pffft, whatever) at work and I am able to wear one squirt of this, still smell great, and no one complains that it is too strong.

    My other go-to fragrances are:
    Pink Sugar - by Aquolina
    Chocolovers - by Aquolina
    Vanilla Grapefruit - by LaVanilla
    Falling in Love - by Philosophy

    (other fragrances I own but rarely wear as they give me headaches are: Angel and Clean Laundry)

    Obviously I like the gourmand scents, sweet and milky. I like to smell good enough to eat.

    Can anyone suggest something similar to MAC MV2 with longetivity? I have been looking into the Demeter fragrances but am hesitant because of their apparent nonexistant longetivity.

    Thank you for any help!! :-)

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    Default Re: my signature scent was discontinued (MAC MV2)

    you could check out Auric Blends Vanilla Musk or Black Coconut or Kuumba Made Vanilla Musk or Sudanese Black Coconut, I also love their Persian Garden, it's a very light floral muck skin scent, perfect for a not obvious fragrance, you don't know what it is exactly, you just get soft wisps of something great every once in a while.
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    Default Re: my signature scent was discontinued (MAC MV2)

    Awesome, thank you so much for the suggestion! Can you tell me where you usually find Auric Blends and/or Kuumba Made? I don't think I've ever seen it?


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    Default Re: my signature scent was discontinued (MAC MV2)

    I understand how awful the lose of MV2 is. I love it, it was a scent that is like no other. I am scared to use the bit I have left...but that is no way to live!!!!lol
    Has anyone tried I wrote them to specifically ask if they had a match to Mac's MV2 and they do. But it's a steep price to gamble, $59.99 plus shipping (which is a bunch as I live in Canada).
    Has anyone tried to buy anything from this site?
    I wantwantwant to have this fragrance back...pipedream- but I can settle (if I have to) for something as close as....

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    Default Re: my signature scent was discontinued (MAC MV2)

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