I have been on a hunt for perfumes with dama de noche. The only thing I can find is a soap called Dama de la Noche by Jaboneria Marionella . The notes of this fragrant soap are: apple, lemon, and dama de la noche.

Dama de noche is a widely cultivated in the Philippines for its sweet-scented flowers, which bloom at night. It is supposedly the strongest smelling flower in the world as you can smell it from 500 yards away.

I love the scent. The smell is very sweet. The closest I can describe it is like a sugar coated jasmine.

I would love to find a perfume with this scent. It reminds me of my childhood home and my mother as it is her favorite flower. She planted this flower all around our garden and I can remember the divine scent wafting into my bedroom on hot summer evenings.

I've scoured the internet and have turned up with nothing.