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    Default Perfume Suggestions?

    Who I am
    Hello! I'm new here. I'm hoping for several suggestions for fall/winter fragrances.

    I'm in my twenties. For the past few years, Angel's the only perfume I've been wearing with any consistency, but Angel no longer suits the image I want to project (not to mention I've gotten tired of running into it everywhere). I haven't found the "right" perfumes yet. Even Angel was a little disappointing to me -- something about the top notes seems to be an acquired taste; I like the initial pungent kick, but it lasts too long until the sweeter notes appear.

    I'm searching for
    I want to upgrade to something that reeks of elegance and class, but I'm not necessarily looking for something that's docile or "ladylike." I'm looking for...
    - suggestions for both daily wear and evenings out (concerts & formal events; not clubbing/casual)
    - something significantly less mainstream/popular/accessible than Angel and similar designer fragrances
    - something that stands out... not necessarily a "comfortable" scent
    - something that is not discontinued or ridiculously obscure
    - something I can find in New York City (or, if absolutely necessary, buy online from

    My taste in scents
    I'm not fond of many florals (ex. violets, gardenias, freesias, peonies), but I like "true" roses, lilies (especially Stargazers/orientals), and jasmines. I like "sweet" scents in the vanilla and honey kind of way, but sweetness a la Britney Spears' Fantasy is the exact opposite of what I'm looking for. I don't like the scent of apple or lemony-citrus. I love woodsy and "green" scents... I'd fall in love with a perfume that could successfully replicate the scent of blue spruce Christmas trees and/or burning wood. I also adore intoxicating boozy scents (not boozy in the sense of vodka or medicinal/rubbing alcohol, but in the sense of champagne and red wine).

    Notable dislikes
    YSL's Opium (EDP) is the vilest thing I've ever smelled, and I'm not just talking about perfumes. Opium has prevented me from testing out other well-known and associated orientals (Le Baiser du Dragon, Shalimar). I'm not experienced enough to identify exactly what Opium has that drives me away... maybe it's incense? Or cloves? Either way, I couldn't stand a few minutes with it on; I had to scrub it off. It smells "old" to me... not in the classy, traditional way, but in the negative, grandmotherly, trapped-in-a-house-with-stale-air-and-mildew manner. Not far behind Opium is DKNY Be Delicious. It smelled like metallic sweat... like the humid, sweaty air you'd find in a high school weight room, combined with the scent of blood- and salt-contaminated water that somebody tried (and failed) to cover up with sour apple.
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    Default Re: Perfume Suggestions?

    Angel is a wonderful powerhouse, but a powerhouse. After a while I can see one gets tired. The mainstream Lolita Lempicka has the same underlying structure, but with different topnotes (anise, fresher), and is more quiet.

    For more suggestions:
    Jasmine soliflore: A la nuit by Serge Lutens (Bergdorf Goodman, Barney's or Aedes de Venustas).
    Rose soliflore: Sa majeste la rose by Serge Lutens, or any of the brand Parfums de Rosine (Barneys). If you like your rose on the jammy side, Nahema by Guerlain (Bergdorf Goodman), possibly in parfum concentration

    Christmas trees and burning wood: Filles en aguilles by Serge Lutens (as above).
    Green: Futur by Piguet (Henri Bendel)
    Boozy: Idole by Lubin (rhum, a Henry Bendel). For champagne, Kenzo Flower (easy to find)

    In general, NYC is one of the best places to buy perfumes, so many things! You can just walk around and smell your way through. My shopping trips usually include Barney's - Bergdorf Goodman - Chanel (on 57, for their "exclusives" series") - Henri Bendel in midtown, and Aedes de Venustas in the village.


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    Default Re: Perfume Suggestions?

    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and Black Orchid

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    Default Re: Perfume Suggestions?

    Clive Christian No.1 for Women

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    Default Re: Perfume Suggestions?

    I'm a big fan of rose fragrances, so I'll limit myself to that here. The best "true" rose that I've ever encountered is Creed Fleur de The Rose Bulgare. Sa Majeste La Rose is also very good. If you're interested in a rose/vanilla, I think Yves Rocher's Rose Absolute is very pleasant. The vanilla part is not heavy or excessively sweet. As cacio mentioned, Guerlain's Nahema is very good. To my nose it's quite refined, sophisticated and "ladylike" in the best sense of the term.

    If you're interested in a rose that might be a little more unique, I think Etat Libre d'Orange's Rossy de Palma fits the bill nicely. It's a rose with some extra kick provided by pepper and ginger. Also , Twill Rose is an interesting dirty rose, with an animalis base.

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    Default Re: Perfume Suggestions?

    Welcome to basenotes BitterVanilla, & thanks for the detailed descriptions of your likes/dislikes.

    My first thought on reading your post is that you may like Chanel Allure; it has rose, jasmine & a not-too-sweet vanilla, & is a classy & very attractive fragrance that suits most occasions.

    Happy sniffing, & do let us know what you find!
    "What is this secret connection between the soul, and sea, clouds and perfumes? The soul itself appears to be sea, cloud and perfume..." - from Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis.

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    Default Re: Perfume Suggestions?

    V&R Flowerbomb

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    Default Re: Perfume Suggestions?

    Dark Season by Neil Morris

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